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Chapter 1 - Planning Workstation Installations

Workstation Installation Overview

Workstation Software Components

Workstation Operating Systems

LAN Card Software Components

Banyan Network Software Components

Redirector Software Integration Components

VINES Files File Service

Planning Customized Software Installation

Creating Installation Diskettes

Chapter 2 - Setting Up Workstation LAN Cards

Prerequisite Tasks

Understanding LAN Card Configuration Issues

Workstation Expansion Bus Support

Selecting LAN Cards

Configuring LAN Cards

To Complete the Workstation Configuration Worksheet

Selecting LAN Drivers

Native VINES Drivers

NDIS Interface Drivers

Packet Interface Driver

Installing and Configuring LAN Drivers

LAN Driver Installation Requirements

NDIS Requirements

Packet (Cabletron) Requirements

Chapter 3 - Configuring Banyan Networking Software

Guidelines for Booting the Workstation

Installing Banyan Networking Software

Issuing the BAN Command

Running BAN Automatically

Running BAN at the Command Prompt

Managing Workstation Software

Using PCCONFIG to Set Parameters

Configuring Network Card Settings

Configuring Login Environment Settings

Login Environment Options

Configuring Special Software Settings

Special Software Settings Options

Configuring Communications Settings

Communications Settings Options

Rules for Enabling Source-Level Routing

Enabling Source-Level Routing in Servers

Enabling Source-Level Routing in Workstations

Chapter 4 - Managing Software Revisions


Upgrading to a New Revision Using the NEWREV Command

Using the NEWREV Command with a Low-Capacity Diskette

Logging In to a Special Server

Chapter 5 - Planning for Interprocess Communication Support

Support for Interprocess Communications

Using the Netbios Name Service

Creating a Netbios Name Service

Configuring a Workstation for IPC Support

Loading the Workstation Netbios Software

Using the SETNETB Command

Named Pipe Support in Banyan Networks

Named Pipe API Client/Server Model

Named Pipe Software for OS/2

Named Pipe Software for DOS-based Workstations

Chapter 6 - Installing and Configuring DOS Workstations


Diskette Contents

Installing the First Workstation

Installing and Testing the LAN Card

Copying Banyan Networking Software to the Workstation

Configuring Networking Software

Logging In to the Network

To Test the Installation of Banyan Networking Software

Installing Additional Workstations

To Create Installation Diskettes Using the System and LAN Diskettes

Creating Installation Diskettes Using PCCOPY

Selecting PCCOPY Software Options

Managing Multiple LAN Drivers

Creating Application Diskettes Using PCCOPY

To Copy Files Using PCCOPY

Customizing PCCOPY

Third-Party Applications Diskettes

Selecting a Redirector for a DOS Workstation

Changing the Redirector Location in Memory

Changing the Hop Count Used by the Redirector


Recording Error Levels

Chapter 7 - Interprocess Communications for DOS Workstations


Providing Netbios Support for DOS Workstations

Loading Netbios Software Using PCCONFIG

Loading Netbios Software Using the PCNETB Command

Configuring Netbios Using the PCNETB Command

Connecting to the Netbios Name Service with SETNETB

Cautions When Using SETNETB

Providing Netbios Connections

Creating a Binary Trace Output from PCNETB Using NBTRACER

Setting Up Named Pipe Support

To Provide Named Pipe Support for a DOS Workstation

Chapter 8 - Installing and Configuring Windows Workstations


Installing Windows on a Network Server

Installing Windows on Workstations

Installing a Complete Copy of Windows

Installing a Shared Copy of Windows

Using the Automated Setup Option

Modifying the SETUP.INF File

Installing VINES on Windows Workstations

Modifying Windows System Files

Modifying the PATH Variable

Modifying the SYSTEM.INI File

About the VINES.INI File for a Windows Workstation

Upgrade Messages

Messages When Starting Your Workstation

Messages When Starting Windows

Using the WNEWREV /U Command

Configuring Communications Buffers

Chapter 9 - Installing Windows for Workgroups Workstations

Overview of Installation Procedures

Configuring Your Workstation for NDIS

Logging In to the Banyan Network

Modifying Workstation Configuration

To Edit the PROTOCOL.INI File on a WFWG Workstation

To Set the Default Protocol on a WFWG Workstation

To Verify the AUTOEXEC.BAT File for a WFWG Workstation

To Verify the PROTOCOL.INI File for a WFWG Workstation

About the VINES.INI File for WFWG Workstations


Chapter 10 - Managing Windows Environments on Your Workstation

Using the Network Icon

To Customize Your Windows Environment

Viewing Status Information

Setting Network Options

To Change Your StreetTalk Password

To Customize Your Windows for Workgroups Environment

Running Windows on a Banyan Network

VINES Configuration Files

Protected Network Connections in Windows and WFWG

Creating Program Information Files

Running Terminate and Stay Resident Programs

PC Dial-in Support


Memory Managers

Chapter 11 - Interprocess Communications for Windows Workstations

API Support on Windows and Windows for Workgroups Workstations

To Run Netbios Commands Before Starting Windows

To Run Netbios Commands After Starting Windows

To Create Batch Files to Run Windows Netbios Applications

To Run Windows Netbios or Named Pipe Applications Using a Batch File

API Support Under Windows and Windows for Workgroups

To Run Netbios Applications from an MS-DOS Window

Using Banyan DOS Netbios with WFWG

Enabling Network File Sharing Under WFWG

Sharing Resources in a Workgroup over Netbios

Configuring WFWG to Restrict Netbios to Applications

Named Pipe Software for Windows or WFWG Workstations

Optimizing Performance

To Optimize Network Software Performance

Chapter 12 - Installing OS/2 Workstations


Pre-installation Requirements

Workstation Installation Overview

Installing VINES from the VCLIENT Diskette

To Install VINES Software on an OS/2 Workstation


Creating Additional Installation Diskettes

To Use VCLIENT to Create Additional Installation Diskettes

Selecting a Redirector for an OS/2 Workstation

Chapter 13 - Configuring and Managing OS/2 Workstations


Using VCLIENT to Configure Workstation Components

To Add or Remove LAN Drivers

To Select the Default Driver

Using PCCONFIG to Configure a Workstation

To Select the Default Communications Driver

To Set the Login Group Searchlist

Changing Workstation Communications Settings

Editing Banyan Networking Communications Settings

To Edit an OS/2 CONFIG.SYS File

Upgrading and Downgrading Software

To Create Installation Diskettes for Specific Banyan Software Revisions

Chapter 14 - Interprocess Communications for OS/2 Workstations

Providing Named Pipe Software Support for OS/2 Workstations

Setting Up Named Pipe Servers and Clients

Starting Up an OS/2 Named Pipe Server

Using the NPCTL Utility

Starting Up OS/2 Named Pipe Clients

Creating Distributed Application Command Files

Role of the Banyan Server

Role of the Named Pipe Application Server

Roles of Named Pipe Application Clients

Sample Command Files

Installing and Configuring Banyan Netbios for OS/2

Pre-installation Requirements

Upgrading Your Workstation

Installing Banyan Netbios

Chapter 15 - Using VINES for OS/2 2.x

Logging In to the Network

To Log In to the Banyan Network from an OS/2 Workstation

Logging Out of the Network

Printing from OS/2 Workstations

Using Banyan Print Services

Using the SETPRINT Command


Using the SETDRIVE Command

Running Banyan DOS Programs

To Set a Drive to DOS VINES Files

DOS Redirector Support


Selecting a Redirector for an OS/2 Workstation

Running Banyan Windows Programs

Summary of VINES Commands

Appendix A - LAN Card Configuration


DOS LAN Driver Diskettes

3Com EtherLink

EtherLink and EtherLink Plus

EtherLink II

EtherLink MC Card

3Com TokenLink

Using 3COMREUI Software with Banyan Networking Software

AT&T StarLAN 10

Configuring the AT&T StarLAN 10/MC Card


Cabletron Ethernet


DCA IRMAtrac Token-Ring Adapter/Convertible


Hughes Sytek 4140 and 6130 MPD


IBM PC Network and PC Network II

Loading the IBM PC Network Protocol Driver at the PC

IBM PS/2 Ethernet/A Card

IBM Token-Ring Cards

IBM Token-Ring Cards for a PC/AT Bus

Selecting the LAN Interface Software

Running Banyan LAN Software Only

Running IBM LAN Software with VINES LAN Software

Configuring the IBM Token-Ring Adapter/A and Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter/A

Installing the LAN Interface Software

Connecting the Card to the Network


Intel EtherExpress Ethernet Card

Intel Ethernet PC586E Card

Intel TokenExpress and Olicom Ethernet Cards


InterLan Ethernet Cards

InterLan StarLAN Card


Novell NE1000 and NE2000



ProNET-4 P1340 Card

ProNET-4 P1344Card

ProNET-4 P1347 Card

ProNET-4/16 P1390 Card

ProNET-4 P1840 Micro Channel Card

Proteon ProNET-4/16 p1890 and p1892 Cards

Proteon ProNET-4/16 p1391 and p1392 Token-Ring Cards


PureData 8023

Racal InterLan NI6510 Ethernet



SMC/WD Elite

Appendix A - LAN Card Configuration (continued)

Ungermann-Bass Ethernet

Configuring the Personal NIC Card


Western Digital

TokenCard and TokenCard WS

Procedure for Configuring the TokenCard

Western Digital Ethernet Cards

Western Digital StarLAN Card