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Managing Workstations

Chapter 1 - Planning Workstation Installations

Workstation Installation Overview


Install the workstation's operating system
Install and test the LAN card
Install Banyan networking software
Configure Banyan workstation software to access the network

Workstation Software Components

A workstation operating system
Software that supports the workstation's LAN card
Banyan network software

Workstation Operating Systems

Table 1-1. Supported Operating Systems

Note: Support for the Macintosh and the Windows NT operating systems are options and are not described in this document.

LAN Card Software Components

Table 1-2. LAN Card Software

These files are located in the Banyan directory, <bandir>, that includes the Banyan network software components described in the next section.

VINES supports LAN drivers written to the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), in addition to native LAN drivers tailored to the Banyan communications environment.

Selecting and installing the LAN card is covered in detail in Chapter 2.


Workstations running OS/2 2.0 or greater use NDIS LAN drivers exclusively. Configuring your workstation for NDIS support is covered in the Banyan NDIS Configuration Guide.

Banyan Network Software Components

Table 1-3. Banyan Workstation Directory-required Files

Redirector Software Integration Components

VINES Files File Service

Banyan programs specific to the operating system for your workstation
Banyan programs specific to the language used at your site
Help files and .MSB message files
LAN driver and driver diagnostic files

Planning Customized Software Installation

You can streamline the installation process by copying only the files necessary to get a particular type of workstation on the network.
You can copy the latest version of the Banyan software resident on the network.

Creating Installation Diskettes

Each workstation's hard disk should use the same directory for Banyan networking software.
Each workstation should use the same type of LAN card and LAN driver software.
Each workstation should use the same configuration values for the LAN card and LAN driver software.

Example Creating Multiple Installation Diskettes in a Heterogeneous Network

The Sales Department uses Ethernet cards, Banyan native LAN drivers, and Named Pipe applications. Their workstations all use the OS/2 operating system.
The Accounting Department uses Token-Ring 802.2 LAN cards and drivers on DOS-based workstations.
The Shipping Department uses Token-Ring LAN cards and NDIS Token-Ring interface drivers on DOS-based workstations.
Each department has a unique StreetTalk group name which is added to the PCCONFIG Login Group Searchlist.

Figure 1-1. Creating Multiple Installation Diskettes

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