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Chapter 1 - Understanding Banyan Networks and Their Administration

What Is a Banyan Network?


Banyan Services

Managers and Administrators


VINES Software

System Software

Network Software

How Workstations Access a Banyan network

Starting the Login Process

What Happens When a User Logs In

Setting the User Environment

Banyan Administration

Security Issues

Administrative Tasks

Key Terms

Chapter 2 - Network Topologies


Connecting to Local and Wide-Area Networks

Sample Banyan Networks

Single-Server Networks

Multi-Server Networks

Backbone LANs


Corporate Example

Connecting Macintosh Computers to VINES

Transition Bridges

Ethernet, Token-Ring, LocalTalk Networks


Network Numbers


Administrator's Check List

Inventory Existing Equipment

Document LAN Cabling

Locating Servers

Connecting Servers

Serial Lines

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 3 - StreetTalk Naming Service


What Is StreetTalk?

StreetTalk Names

How StreetTalk Distributes Information

Creating StreetTalk Names

Format of StreetTalk Names

Valid Characters in a StreetTalk Name

How to Specify Names

Unique Names

Naming Users

Naming Groups

Naming Organizations

Report Program

Special StreetTalk Features

Default Group and Organization

StreetTalk Guaranteed Login

Searching for Names

Using StreetTalk Patterns

Working with Lists



Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 4 - VINES Servers


Description of a Server

What a Server Does

What You Can Install in a Server


Planning the Start-Up Information

Time Settings

Server Name

First Organization Name


Direct LAN Connections

Start-up Worksheet for Native VINES Servers

After a Server Starts

Assigning a Line

Starting Services

Running ICA Card Diagnostic Tests

Managing Server Codes

Adding Names to Your Server's AdminList

Preparing the Fixed Disk

Setting Time

Serial Communications Connections

Internetwork Access Lists

Access Specifier


Connecting Servers Through IBM Token-Ring Bridges

Token-Ring Bridge Option

Configuring AppleTalk



Network Numbers




AppleTalk Filing Protocol Service

AppleTalk Planning Guidelines

Taking a Server off the Network

Server Console

Management Functions

Remote Server Console

Memory Requirements

How Memory Is Partitioned

Estimating Total Server Memory Requirements

Memory Use Guidelines

Server Information

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 5 - VINES Workstations


LAN Cards

Preparing LAN Connections

Expansion Bus

Selecting LAN Cards

Selecting LAN Drivers

Native VINES Drivers

Third-Party Interface Drivers

Managing Workstation and Network Software

Workstation Operating Systems

Boot Files

Configuring Network Software

PCCOPY Program


Managing DOS Memory


Diagnostic Routines

VCLIENT Program for OS/2

Managing Revisions

Source-Level Routing

Upgrading Network Software

Source-Level Routing on Macintosh Computers

Planning Guidelines

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 6 - Managing Users


Adding Users to the Network

StreetTalk Requirements

User Profiles

General Profile Rules

Logging In to Multiple Clients

Profile Entries

Comments Within Profiles

Changing the Default Drive

Profile Commands

Sample and Template Profiles

Security Settings for Users

Options for Security Settings

Ways to Control Users' Access

Guest Logins on Macintosh Computers

Getting Information About Users

Planning Guidelines

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 7 - VINES System Software and Special Applications


Utility Services

Server Service

VINES Security Service


Modifying Access Rights to Drive Z

Customizing Drive Z

Special Services

Netbios Services


Resource Sharing Services

AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) Service

File Services

Print Services

Naming and Assigning Services

Performance Considerations

Macintosh Naming Rules

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 8 - StreetTalk Directory Assistance


STDA Database

STDA Classes

STDA User Interface

STDA Services


Rebuilding the Database

Planning for STDA

Calculating Disk Space Requirements

Sorting Names

Configuring Attributes

Locating STDA on the Network

Designating a Download Server

Scheduling Rebuilds

Creating Exclusion, Exception, and Inclusion Lists

Performance Considerations

Transient Links and STDA

Network Size

Memory Requirements


Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 9 - File Services


Components of File Sharing

Network File Volumes and Local Disk Drives

Using Directories on Network File Volumes

OS/2 File System and Extended Attribute Support

Setting Up a Directory Hierarchy

File System Naming Rules

Summary of Naming Rules

Sharing Files with Different Formats

How VINES Handles Macintosh (AFP) Names

DOS and OS/2 Naming Rules

V Commands

Performance Considerations

Planning Guidelines

File Security Issues

Access Rights Lists (ARLs)

Access Rights of AdminList and Group Members

How to Set Security

Directories and New Files


Guidelines for Access Rights


VINES Access Rights Worksheet

Sharing Files in a Mixed Environment

Macintosh View

Inheritance Rules

Macintosh Access Rights Worksheet

Blocking the User's View of Access Rights


File and Directory Attributes

VINES Attributes

Directory Attributes

Setting Attributes

Providing User Access to File Volumes

Managing File Services

Choosing a Backup Strategy

Routine Tasks

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 10 - Print Services


Number of Print Services Per Server

Network and Local Printers

How Print Services Work




Service and Client Programs

Destinations of a Print Service

Print Queues

Printing Under OS/2

Planning Print Services

Configuration Tasks

Adding a Print Service

Users, Operators, and Administrators

Setting Up an Alert List

Specifying Destinations

Destination Attributes

Configuration Parameters


Managing Print Services

Starting and Stopping Print Services

Providing Print Services to Users

Controlling Jobs in the Queue

Mixed Revision Networks

Planning Guidelines

Setting Up Print Services

Identifying Printers

Monitoring Disk Space

Examples of Print Services

Administrator's Check List

Key Terms

Further Reading

Chapter 11 - Native VINES Options

Installing Optional Services

Option Codes

Description of Options


Applications Toolkit


Asynchronous Terminal Emulation

Intelligent Messaging

ISDN BRI Server-to-Server Communications

Macintosh Computers

Mail for Macintosh

Multilingual VINES

Network and Systems Management

PC Dial-in

PC Network Printing (PCPRINT)

Server-to-Server over SNA

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Agent

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Mail Gateway

T1 Server-to-Server


Token-Ring Bridge

WAN Server-to-Server



Further Reading

Chapter 12 - Routine Operations


Daily Server Operations

Monitoring Servers

Maintaining Security at the Server Console

Managing Printers and Print Services

Occasional Operations

Optimizing Your Network

Log Book


Log Files

Error Messages

What to Do Next

Summary of Tasks

Further Reading

Appendix A - Worksheets


LAN Cabling Worksheet

User Names Worksheet

Server and Group AdminList Planning Worksheet

Server Name Worksheet

Server Start-up Worksheet

Internet Access Worksheet

PCCONFIG Worksheet for DOS Workstations

Service Planning Worksheet

STDA Worksheet

Access Rights Worksheet

Macintosh Access Rights Worksheet

File Attribute Worksheet

Directory Attribute Worksheet

Operator and User Name Worksheet

Printer Destination Worksheet

Print Filter Worksheet

Weekly Full Backup Worksheet

Monthly Full Backup Worksheet

Incremental Backup Worksheet