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Chapter 1 - Overview of Managing Services

Introduction to Managing Services

Types of Services

Administrative Programs

AdminList Requirements

Preparing to Add Services

Location of Services

Swap Space and Macintosh Services

Information Required to Add Services

How Services Use Memory

COPY and VCOPY Commands

Chapter 2 - Basic Service Operations

Introduction to Basic Service Operations

Adding Services to a Group

To Add a File Service

To Add a Print Service

Making Services Available

File Services

Print Services

Maintaining Services

Accessing the Service Menus

Starting and Stopping Services

Relocating a Service

Changing a Service Description

Displaying Service Status

To Find Users of a Service

Deleting Services

To Delete a Service

Managing Third-Party Services

Interpreting Service Error Messages

Chapter 3 - Creating File Services

Overview of the VINES File System (VFS)

Integrating File Systems

Sharing Files Between Applications Across Platforms

Names of Directories and Files

Access Rights and Attributes


Creating a File Service

To Create a File Service

Setting Up a New File Service

To Set Up a New File Service

Defaults for File Services

SharedFiles for First Server

User Drives and Network Volumes

Drive Z Mapping

Making File Services Available to Users

Using the SETDRIVE Command

Using the SETDRIVE Menu

Mapping Drives to File Volumes

Chapter 4 - Maintaining File Services

Introduction to Maintaining File Services

Using DOS and OS/2 Commands with File Volumes

Creating Directories on File Volumes

Setting a Drive to a File Volume

Loading Files into Directories

Setting Up File System Views


Accessing the VFILES Main Menu

Changing the Pathname

Managing Directories and Files

Testing User Access

Monitoring Service Disk Usage

To Monitor Disk Usage

Backing Up Network Files

Chapter 5 - Using VINES File Commands

Introduction to Using VINES File Commands

Using the VDIR Command

VDIR Command Syntax

How to Use the VDIR Command

Using the VDIR Command Menu

Using the VCOPY Command

VCOPY Command Syntax

How to Use the VCOPY Command

Using the VCOPY Command Menu

Using the VRENAME Command

VRENAME Command Syntax

Renaming Files

Chapter 6 - Managing the VINES Files Volume

Introduction to Managing the VINES Files Volume

VINES Files on Drive Z

Determining Your Location Version

Z:\ Directory

PCINIT Subdirectory

HLPFILES Subdirectory

MESSAGES Subdirectory


User's View of VINES Files

Setting Drive Z

Access Rights to VINES Files

Modifying VINES Files

Moving Grouped Programs

New or Modified Programs on Drive Z

Chapter 7 - Managing the AFP Service

Introduction to Managing the AFP Service

Prerequisites for Configuring AFP

Configuring the AFP Service

Mapping DOS Extensions to Macintosh Icons

Support for DOS-to-Macintosh Mapping

Defining Mappings

Maintaining the Pre-Defined List of Applications

DOS Names for Macintosh Files

Enabling/Disabling Macintosh Guest Login

To Enable or Disable Guest Login

Troubleshooting the AFP Service

Receiving "Guest Login: Disabled" Message

Receiving "Guest Login: Configuration Unavailable" Message

Server Not Visible on the Network After Changing AppleTalk Phases

Service Not Restarting

Receiving "Connection Unexpectedly Lost" Message

AFP Restarted But Not Available in All Zones

Receiving "Incorrect Password" Message

After Macintosh Restart, User Cannot Mount VINES File Volumes

Server Name Not in List of AppleShare Servers

File Size Inconsistencies

Chapter 8 - Creating Print Services

Introduction to Creating Print Services

Number of Print Services Per Server

Tasks in Adding a Print Service

AdminList Requirements

Editing Keys

Adding and Starting the Service

To Add a Print Service

Configuring the Queue

To Configure the Queue - Quick Start

To Change Default Queue Values

Creating the List of Paper Formats

To Add Paper Formats - Quick Start

To Add Paper Formats

To Change Paper Formats

To Delete Paper Formats

Setting Up the Access Lists

Operator List

User List

To Setup Access List - Quick Start

To Change Access List Entries

Setting Up the Alert List

To Set Up the Alert List - Quick Start

To Add Entries to the Alert List

Adding the First Destination

Add a Destination Screen

Destination Types

Configuring Destinations in the Proper Order

Redirecting Print Services

Summary of Print Service Destinations

Adding Other Destinations

To Add Other Print Destinations

Prefix and Suffix Fields

Changing the Queue Status

To Set the Print Queue Status - Quick Start

To Change the Queue Status

Making Print Services Available to Users

Recommendations for Print Services

Chapter 9 - Maintaining Print Services

Introduction to Maintaining Print Services

Preparing to Manage Print Services

Changing the Print Queue Status

To Change the Queue Status

Changing the Configuration

Adding a Destination

Changing Physical and PCPrint Destinations

Changing PAP-Compatible Printer Destinations

Changing Alternate Print Service Destinations

To Delete Destinations

Editing Access Lists

Editing Alert Lists

To Change the Queue Configuration

Editing the List of Paper Formats

Troubleshooting the Print Service

Performance Check List

Job Status Messages

Print Service Error Messages

Using On-line Help

Chapter 10 - Managing Print Filters

Introduction to Managing Print Filters

Preparing to Manage Print Filters

Print Filter Options

Configure Filters Menu

To Add a Print Filter

To Replace a Print Filter

To Delete a Print Filter

Chapter 11 - Managing Print Jobs

Introduction to Managing Print Jobs

Accessing Network Printers

Printing from DOS and Windows Workstations

Printing PostScript Jobs

Making Print Services Available to Users

SETPRINT Command Syntax

Using SETPRINT to Access the Print Queue Command Menu

Controlling Print Jobs in the Queue

Using the Control Printer/Jobs Menu

Reassigning Print Queues to Ports

To Change the Print Queue Assigned to a Port

To De-assign a Print Queue

Modifying a Print Job Profile

To Modify the Job Profile

Controlling Jobs from the Server Console

To Display the Server's Print Services

Controlling Jobs from a Macintosh Workstation

Chapter 12 - Managing PC-Based Network Print Services

Introduction to Managing PC-Based Network Print Services

Important Facts for PCPrint

Installing PCPrint Software

Adding a PCPrint Destination

To Add a PCPrint Destination

Connecting the Printer to the Service

To Run PCPrint from the Command Line

Running PCPrint from a Batch File

PCPRINT Command Syntax

Making the Printer Available to Users

Managing the Printer Connection

To View PCPrint Status Information

Printer Status

Chapter 13 - LexLink Bridge Printing

Introduction to LexLink Bridge Printing

Configuring the LexLink Bridge Service

Installing the Lexmark Printer Adapter

Setting Up the Print Service

Adding a LexLink Bridge Service

Adding a LexLink Bridge Connection

Configuring Ports for External Adapters

Managing the LexLink Bridge Service

Changing a LexLink Bridge Connection

Changing a LexLink Bridge Service

Relocating the LexLink Bridge Service

Resetting Adapter Ports

Troubleshooting LexLink Bridge Printing

Problems Managing the Service

Problems with MAUs

Determining Adapter Status

Determining Print Queue Status with SETPRINT

Interpreting Log Messages

Chapter 14 - Printing from OS/2 Workstations

Introduction to Printing from OS/2 Workstations

Using VINES Print Services

Printing from the DOS Compatibility Box

Using the OS/2 Presentation Manager Print Spooler

Reviewing PM Print Spooler Features

Setting Up the PM Print Spooler

Setting Up Printer Ports

Assigning Printer Ports to VINES Print Services

Appendix A - VINES File System Naming Rules

Name Spaces

Naming Rules

Creating Filenames

VFAT and NTFS Rules

Copying Files with Long File Names from Different File Systems

AFP Rules


VFS Rules

UNIX Links

Appendix B - AFP and File Volume Names

Introduction to AFP and File Volume Names

Long Names

Short Names

Appendix C - Interpreting AFP Log Messages

Introduction to Interpreting AFP Log Messages

Level 0 Log Messages

Level 1 Log Messages

Level 2 Log Messages

Level 3 Log Messages

Fatal Logging Conditions

Appendix D - LexLink Bridge Log Messages

Introduction to LexLink Bridge Log Messages

LexLink Bridge Architecture

PCPrint Agents

LexLink Ports

LexLink Devices

LexLink Listener

Example Configuration

Log Messages

Basic Log Messages

LexLink Device Messages

LexLink Port Messages

PCPrint Agent Messages

Appendix E - PC Multinational Character Set

PC Multinational Character Set Table