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Managing VINES Services

Chapter 1 - Overview of Managing Services

Introduction to Managing Services

Service software that runs on the server
Client software that runs on the workstation or server

Figure 1-1. Client and Service Software

Types of Services

Resource sharing
Special services
Utility sharing

PCPrint service (Network Printing option)
LexLink Bridge service (Network Printing option)
AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) Service (VINES Option for Macintosh)

Table 1-1. VINES Resource Sharing Services

Table 1-2. VINES Special Services

Table 1-3. VINES Utility Services

Table 1-4. VINES Optional Services

Administrative Programs

Figure 1-2. MSERVICE and OPERATE Programs

AdminList Requirements

Table 1-5. AdminList Requirements to Manage Services

Preparing to Add Services

Location of Services

1. In the default zone

2. In the local zone

3. Over the network

Swap Space and Macintosh Services

Example Additional Swap Space

Information Required to Add Services

Table 1-6. Access Rights Required to Move a File Service

How Services Use Memory

Table 1-7. Approximate Memory Usage for VINES Base and Optional Services

COPY and VCOPY Commands

Table 1-8. Rules for COPY and VCOPY

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