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Chapter 1 - Securing a VINES Network

Planning VINES Security

Levels of VINES Users

VINES Administrators

VINES Operators


User Login Security

Server Access Security

Server Console Security

Data Security

Printer Security

Chapter 2 - Managing Internetwork Security

Restricting Internetwork Access

Types of Server-to-Server Connections

Internetwork Access Lists

Planning Server Access

Creating an Internetwork Access List

Modifying an Internetwork Access List

Removing Entries from an Internetwork Access List

Chapter 3 - Generating User Login Security Reports

Types of Reports

StreetTalk Reports

Using REPORT Switches

Using REPORT Menus

StreetTalk Explorer Audit and Optimize Programs

Log Reports

Setting Log Levels

Generating Log Reports

Chapter 4 - Managing Data Security

Overview of Data Security

Types of Access Rights Lists

File System Views

Saved View

Access Rights Lists

Changing Access Rights Lists on 4.x File Services from 5.x Clients

Changing Access Rights Lists on 5.x File Services from 4.x Clients

Primary List

Extended List

Inheritance Rules

Changing ARLs on 4.x File Services from 5.x Clients

Changing ARLs on 5.x File Services from 4.x Clients

Defining Access Rights

VINES View Access Rights for a Directory

VINES View Access Rights for a New File

Macintosh View Access Rights

Verifying Access

Command Summary

Change Path


Copy ARL to Target

Copy ARL from Source

Test Access

Setting the File System View



Accessing the SETARL Program

From DOS


Before Using Commands

Using Commands from SETARL

Change Path Command

Edit Command

Testing User Access

Copy ARL to Target Command

Copy ARL from Command

Chapter 5 - Using Attributes for Security

Overview of the SETATTR Program

Using Attributes to Control Access

VINES Attributes

Using SETATTR from the System Prompt

Syntax of SETATTR Command

Using the SETATTR Menu

Accessing the Set Attributes Menu

Changing the Path

Editing Attributes

Copying Attributes

Using SETATTR on 4.xx File Services

Using SETATTR on a Local Drive

Chapter 6 - Generating User Access Reports

Overview of the User Access Report Program

Generating a Report

From the Command Line

From the Menu

Chapter 7 - Controlling Access to Network Printers


Levels of Control


Operator Access List

User Access List

Defaults for the Lists

Editing the Access Lists

PCPRINT Security

Appendix A - Access Rights for VINES Toolkit Users


Accessing the UNIX View

Accessing the UNIX View in SETARL

Using the SETARL Menu

Defining UNIX Access Rights

Extended List - Maximum Rights

Inheritance Rules

Access Rights Mapping