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Managing VINES Security

Chapter 1 - Securing a VINES Network

Planning VINES Security

User login
Server access
Data protection
Printer protection
Access to the server console

Levels of VINES Users

VINES Administrators

Table 1-1. AdminList Requirements for VINES Administrative Tasks

VINES Operators


User Login Security

Password length and life
Forced change of password when password expires
Users' ability to change their passwords and user profiles
Maximum number of simultaneous logins
Login times
Forced logout
Login locations
Types of workstations

Server Access Security

Unrestricted - Two networks become one. Users on one network can interact with resources on the other network, restricted only by the access rights associated with those resources. Network mail moves freely between the two networks. The StreetTalk naming information on the two networks merges.

Restricted - Two networks exchange only mail messages that are force routed. While low-level routing information is exchanged and visible through the VNSM (VINES Network and Systems Management) program, StreetTalk information is not exchanged.

Secure - Networks exchange no information. No traffic can travel between your server and other servers in other networks.

Server Console Security

Data Security

Printer Security

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