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Overview of the Contents

Chapter 1 - Installation Requirements

Package Contents

Banyan Licensing Policy

Enabler Codes

Host Identification Numbers

Authorization Codes

Update Codes

Host Transfers

Licensing Your Software

Planning the NetWorker Server Installation

Hardware and Software Requirements

Memory and Disk Space Requirements

Software Requirements

Installing Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT

Locating and Installing Legato NetWorker Patches

Installing and Running the Banyan NetWorker Tour

Installing QuickTime

Running NetWorker Tour

Factors that Affect Performance

Chapter 2 - Creating and Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) Servers

Creating a DNS

When to Create a DNS

Domain Names

Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses


Creating and Configuring a BIND DNS

Obtaining BIND Freeware

Using BIND to Create Your DNS Service

Creating a DNS Using Microsoft DNS Server

Configuring a Windows NT 4.0 DNS Server

Chapter 3 - File Layouts and Online Indexes

StreetTalk for Windows NT File Layout

Backing Up StreetTalk for Windows NT and the Windows NT Registry

Restoring StreetTalk for Windows NT Files and StreetTalk Groups

Intelligent Messaging and StreetTalk Directory Assistance File Layouts

Restoring StreetTalk Directory Assistance or Intelligent Messaging

Redirected Intelligent Messaging Restore

StreetTalk File Services on Windows NT

NetWorker Online Indexes

File and Media Indexes

Recovering Client Indexes

Using Save Sets to Locate Information on Server Backups

Chapter 4 - Disaster Recovery for StreetTalk for Windows NT

Creating Adequate Backups

Obtaining Diagnostics Information

Locating Partition Information

Locating TCP/IP and Domain Information

Disaster Recovery Overview

Disaster Recovery Procedures

Recovering a StreetTalk for Windows NT Server

Reinstalling NetWorker Client

Reinstalling NetWorker Server

Backup and Restore of Open Files

How Open File Manager Works

Chapter 5 - Disaster Recovery for VINES

Backing Up VINES Servers

How to Back Up the VINES System Configuration Files

Restoring VINES and EBR Agent

How to Reinstall VINES

EBR and NetWorker

Installing the EBR Agent on VINES 6.x

Installing the EBR Agent on VINES 7.X or VINES 8.x

EBR Software Option Code

Using EBR Server Agent to Restore VINES Services

EBR Console Operations

Recovering Server Data

Verifying Recoverability of Data

Changing the File Service Viewpoint

Changing the Recover Source

Appendix A - Recover Subcommands