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Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT Supplemental Guide


Note: This guide is applicable to NetWorker 4.4 and NetWorker 5.5.

Overview of the Contents

Chapter 1 - Installation Requirements

Package Contents

Table 1-1. Product Components

Component Description
Banyan Software License Agreement Printed software license agreement.
Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT Supplemental Guide Guide providing the information you need to install the Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT software product, and to back up and restore your StreetTalk for Windows NT Servers and VINES servers.
Legato NetWorker Disaster Recovery Guide Documentation provided by Legato available on the NetWorker for Windows NT software CD- ROM in Adobe Acrobat format.
Legato NetWorker Administrator's Guide Administrator's Guide provided by Legato, available on the NetWorker for Windows NT software CD-ROM in Adobe Acrobat format.
Banyan NetWorker Software CD-ROM Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT software. The software CD-ROM also contains a DOC subdirectory of NetWorker for Windows NT documentation in Adobe Acrobat format.
Banyan NetWorker 3.5" Diskette Diskette containing the Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT Supplemental Guide in RTF format
Banyan NetWorker Enabler Certificate Printed certificate containing the Enabler code for the base NetWorker software, as well as additional Enabler codes for any options you may have purchased.

Banyan Licensing Policy

Enabler Codes

Host Identification Numbers

Authorization Codes

Update Codes

Host Transfers

Licensing Your Software

1. Open NetWorker Administrator by double clicking the NetWorker Administrator icon on your desktop.

2. Click on the Registration icon. The Registration window appears with your current registration status.

3. Do one of the following:

- If you have not entered any Enabler codes for your NetWorker software, right-click Registration and click Create. The Create Registration dialog box appears.

- If you have entered an Enabler code, right-click the Registration option you wish to edit and click Edit. The Edit Registration dialog box appears.

4. Enter the codes in the Registration window and click OK. Each code is active for 45 days.

If you have entered only Enabler codes, extend the life of the functionality beyond 45 days by faxing the information from the NetWorker Registration window. You are then issued a Product Authorization Certificate containing the Authorization codes for all the features registered by the Enabler codes. The fax number is (415) 812-6031.

Note: The host computer's unique serial number is recognized by the NetWorker software as a unique "host ID" and is displayed in the Registration window as part of the licensing code. This unique serial number ties the NetWorker software to one particular host machine.

5. Enter the Authorization codes in the Registration window.

Note: If you move the NetWorker software to a host machine other than the original one on which you entered Enabler codes and Authorization codes, contact NetWorker Registration for a Host Transfer Affidavit containing replacement Authorization codes.

Planning the NetWorker Server Installation

Verify that Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0 is installed and operational on the system you are designating as your NetWorker server. If any Microsoft ServicePacks are required, be sure that they are also installed and operational.
Verify that your system has a CD-ROM drive, or can be used to install NetWorker from a network drive or a shared device.
Verify that your network servers have TCP/IP installed.
Verify that the TCP/IP hostname is identical to the Windows NT computer name.
During the installation process you will be prompted to enter your fully-qualified NetWorker hostname ( Have your hostname ready.
Verify that you have installed an appropriate backup device, SCSI adapter, cabling, termination, and driver software. Refer to the Legato Compatibility Guide available on the Legato web site (, or on the Banyan web site ( You can also obtain a fax from the Legato interactive Fax server, FaxWorker, at (415) 812-6156. Request document number 2301.
Verify that any installed backup devices are properly configured.
If you do not have a Domain Name System (DNS) server, you may need to create and configure one. See Chapter 2 of this guide.

Note: To obtain the latest device supplements for Banyan NetWorker, download updated device supplements as they become available via the Banyan web page (, or via the Legato web page (

Hardware and Software Requirements

Memory and Disk Space Requirements

NetWorker server requires a minimum 24 MB of physical memory on the Windows NT NetWorker server, in addition to whatever other memory requirements may exist.
NetWorker client requires 16 MB of physical memory.
NetWorker server software requires 44 MB of disk space.
NetWorker client software requires 12 MB of disk space.
The NetWorker server requires disk space for the online indexes. To calculate the amount of disk space NetWorker requires for the online indexes, calculate 5% of the total amount of data NetWorker must back up.
NetWorker installation requires 2 MB of space on the local disk for the temporary files created during the installation process.

Software Requirements

Installing Banyan NetWorker for Windows NT

1. Insert the NetWorker CD in your CD-ROM drive.

2. The CD will to attempt to AutoPlay by starting up Microsoft Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer is your default browser, proceed to step 6.

3. Under the Get Started section, click on Install Legato NetWorker for Windows NT.

4. If Internet Explorer displays a Confirm File Open dialog box, click the Open button.

5. Proceed to step 8.

6. Open File Manager or Windows Explorer, and click the appropriate CD-ROM drive icon.

7. Locate the NetWorkr subdirectory and run setup.exe to open the Setup Options dialog box.

8. If this is a NetWorker server installation, click the Client and Server Option. (The NetWorker server needs a client to back up itself; therefore, if you are installing a NetWorker server, you must select Client and Server Option.)

If this is a NetWorker client installation, click Client.

9. Click Next.

10. A default installation directory is displayed.

- To accept the default directory as the location for your Banyan NetWorker files, click Next.

- To specify another directory, click Browse. Select the directory and click OK. Click Next.

11. Enter the host names of all the Windows NT servers that require access to back up this system in the Authorized NetWorker Servers dialog box. If you are currently performing a NetWorker server installation, be sure to enter that server name too. To enter more than one host name, separate each name with a blank space. Click Next.

Your software continues installing.

Locating and Installing Legato NetWorker Patches

1. Access the Legato home page on the Internet:

2. Locate the downloadable patches.

3. Download the patch onto your hard drive.

4. Install the patch by following the instructions in the associated Readme file.

Installing and Running the Banyan NetWorker Tour

Installing QuickTime

1. Insert the NetWorker CD in your CD-ROM drive.

2. Open File Manager or Explorer and select the CD-ROM drive icon.

3. Double-click the setup.exe file in the \DEMO\NTWKTOUR\QTWIN directory.

Note: There is also a README file in the \DEMO\NTWKTOUR\QTWIN directory.

Running NetWorker Tour

1. Insert the NetWorker CD in your CD-ROM drive.

2. Open File Manager or Explorer and select the CD-ROM drive icon.

3. From the \DEMO\NTWKTOUR directory, run Ntwktour.exe to begin the demo.

Factors that Affect Performance

Type of tape unit
Type of tape
Speed of the processor
Amount of memory in the base machine
Amount of system activity on the NetWorker client and/or server caused by other services or applications
The bandwidth of the network cable. (Bandwidth is the number of bits or cycles transmitted per second.)
Amount of network traffic occurring while the backup is in process
Type and size of data being backed up
Whether or not the DNS server is active and answering queries

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