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Chapter 1 - A Short History of NDIS

NDIS Concepts

Traditional Data Link Technology

Moving Data Between Networks

Banyan Adopts NDIS

NDIS as a Client-driver Solution

Chapter 2 - NDIS on DOS

Comparing NDIS to Native Drivers

NDIS Terminology

MAC Driver

Protocol Manager

Communications Protocol




NDIS Files

NDIS in Earlier VINES Revisions

Installing a DOS Workstation Using NDIS

Collecting Required Software

Configuring Workstation Software

Loading NDIS Software High

DOS Workstation Memory Architecture

DOS MemMaker



ARCNET NDIS Considerations

Basic Troubleshooting for DOS NDIS Support

Chapter 3 - NDIS on OS/2

Installing an OS/2 Workstation Using NDIS

Pre-installation Requirements

Installing Files from the IBM LAPS Diskette

Installing VINES from the VCLIENT Diskette

Logging In to the Network

NDIS Software under OS/2

Basic Troubleshooting for OS/2 NDIS Support