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Banyan NDIS Configuration Guide

Chapter 1 - A Short History of NDIS

NDIS Concepts

Traditional Data Link Technology

Figure 1-1. The traditional VINES protocol stack.

Moving Data Between Networks

Example Problem with Native Drivers

Figure 1-2. Simultaneous Communication with Two Protocol Stacks

Two protocol stacks that are designed to communicate with each of the servers: one for VINES and one for NetWare.
A programmer's interface on each protocol stack that allows you to write a program which talks to the two stacks.
Enough workstation memory to load both stacks simultaneously.
A driver supplied with each protocol stack that controls the EtherLink® II adapter board in the workstation.

Banyan Adopts NDIS

NDIS as a Client-driver Solution

Enhanced performance and memory usage
Support for Ethernet, Token-Ring, and ARCNET for DOS
Support for Ethernet and Token-Ring for OS/2
Ability to load NDIS drivers into high memory

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