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VINES User's Guide for Macintosh

Chapter 1 - Overview of VINES Network Concepts

What Is a VINES Network?

Share applications and files with other users
Share printers
Communicate with other users

Main Components of a VINES Network

Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) connections
Network file and print services
Communications options
Hardware resources
The StreetTalk global naming system

Local and Wide Area Network Connections

Figure 1-1. A Simple VINES Network

Figure 1-2. An Expanded VINES Network

The first server supports a group of Macintoshes on an Ethernet LAN as well as a connection to a host computer. The LaserWriter is connected through a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet adapter.
The second server supports a group of DOS workstations as well as a connection to a public data network.

Network File and Print Services

Communications Options


File volumes
Mail gateways
Other network services and resources

Using Your Macintosh with VINES

Using the Chooser

Sharing Files and Applications

Network Security

User names
Access rights

Your System Administrator

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