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Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Before You Begin

Starting VINES Mail for Macintosh

Composing and Sending a Mail Message

Reading a Mail Message

Replying to a Mail Message

Accessing On-line Help

Quitting VINES Mail

Chapter 2 - Overview of VINES Mail

About VINES Mail

Logging In to VINES

Starting VINES Mail for Macintosh

Mail List Window

Using Icons or the Menu Bar

Mail Folders and Messages List Area

Summary Information

Using the VINES Mail Menu Bar

Apple Menu

File Menu

Edit Menu

Mail Menu

Windows Menu

Ending a Network Mail Session

Logging Out of VINES

Chapter 3 - Composing and Sending Mail

About Mail Messages

Composing a Mail Message

Compose Window

Addressing a Message

Writing and Editing a Message

Sending a Mail Message

Certifying a Mail Message

Setting Message Priority

When Messages Are Not Delivered

Chapter 4 - Reading, Replying, and Forwarding Mail

Reading a Mail Message

Replying to a Mail Message

Forwarding a Mail Message

Chapter 5 - Filing, Printing, and Deleting Mail

Managing Mail Folders

Creating Mail Folders

Renaming an Existing Mail Folder

Filing Messages Between Mail Folders

Deleting Mail Folders

Printing Mail Messages

Controlling the Print Environment

Page Layout

Print Dialog Box

Deleting Mail Messages

Chapter 6 - Using Advanced Features


Using STDA

Searching for Names

Selecting Names

Transferring Names

Closing the STDA Window

Managing Your Address Book

Adding Labels

Editing and Deleting Associated Names

Renaming Labels

Deleting Labels

Using STDA with the Address Book

Searching for Names to Associate with a Label

Addressing a Message with Your Address Book

Setting Preferences

Subject Dialog Box Preference

Warning Dialog Box Preference

Closing Window Preferences

Sending Mail to Other Workstations

Managing Attachments

Adding Attachments

Reading Attachments

Printing Attachments

Saving Attachments

Importing Files into Mail Messages

Exporting Mail Messages

Using the Split Bar

Appendix A - Using Keyboard Short Cuts

About Keyboard Short Cuts

Apple Menu Short Cuts

File Menu Short Cuts

Edit Menu Short Cuts

Mail Menu Short Cuts

Mail List Window Short Cuts

Read Window Short Cuts

Compose Window Short Cuts

Option Key Short Cuts

STDA Short Cuts