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Introduction to the Guide


Chapter 1 - LDAP for StreetTalk Service

LDAP for StreetTalk Features

How LDAP For StreetTalk Works with StreetTalk and STDA

LDAP for StreetTalk Components

LDAP for StreetTalk and StreetTalk Directory Tree Structure

Platforms and Protocols

Typical Configuration


Sample Configuration

STDA Configuration Guidelines

Use the Attribute Configuration File

Collect the labeledURI Attribute

Set STDA Attribute <5:34> to Support LDAP

LDAP Administrative Attributes

StreetTalk Administrative Attributes and Unicode Support


How Referrals Work

Access Control Lists

Access Control Options

Chapter 2 - Configuring LDAP for StreetTalk Services

Configuration Roadmap

Before You Begin

LDAP Configuration Manager

Using LDAP Configuration Manager

Configuring the Service

Setting Service Control Options

Setting Access Controls

Setting Logging Options

Setting Referrals

Saving LDAP Service Configurations

Restarting LDAP for StreetTalk Services

Chapter 3 - Using LDAP Configuration Manager to Manage LDAP Schema


LDAP Configuration Manager and Managing Schema

Managing Attribute Type Definitions

Managing Object Classes

Managing Matching Rules

Managing Matching Rule Uses

Managing Attribute Syntax

Chapter 4 - LDAP Command Line Tools

LDAP Data Interchange Format


ldsearch Command Switches

Defining a Search Operation

Using Complex Search Filters


ldapmod Command Switches

Defining a Modification Operation


ldmodrdn Command Switches

Defining a Modify RDN Operation


ldapdel Command Switches

Defining a Delete Operation


ldcomp Command Switches

Defining a Compare Operation

Chapter 5 - Using LDAP for StreetTalk with
LDAP Applications


Supporting LDAP Applications

N-Level Names

Directory Synchronization

N-Level Names

How N-Level names work

Guidelines for Configuring N-Level Names

Configuring N-Level Names

LDAP Directory Synchronization

How Directory Synchronization Works

Guidelines for Configuring Directory Synchronization

Configuring Directory Synchronization

Appendix A - Using Web Browsers to Search LDAP

Search for Email Addresses

Netscape Communicator 4.0 or Later

Internet Explorer 4.0 with Outlook Express

Appendix B - Directory Concepts

Understanding Directory Applications

LDAP Directory Service

StreetTalk Directory Service

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