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Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Mail

Overview of Mail

Accessing Mail

From a DOS Workstation

From an OS/2 Workstation

From a Windows Workstation

Mail Main Menu

Using Mail Screens

Selecting Functions and Items

Entering Data

Accessing On-line Help

About StreetTalk Directory Assistance

Chapter 2 - Composing and Sending Mail

Accessing Envelope and Message Screens

Addressing Messages

Guidelines for Entering StreetTalk Names

Selecting Names for Automatic Insertion

Using the Mail Catalog

Searching for StreetTalk Names

Browsing Through Lists

Selecting Names

Using StreetTalk Directory Assistance

Using the F2 Key

Using the Hotkey

Addressing Mail to Different Mail Systems

Completing Informational Fields

Using Attachments

Requesting Certified Mail

Requesting Priority Mail

Setting Deferred Send Time

Setting Message Expiration Time

Writing and Editing a Message

Using the Menu Bar

Importing Files into Messages

Using the Mail Editor

Selecting Blocks of Text

Working with Blocks of Text

Searching for and Changing Text

Defining Text Format

Switching Windows

Sending Mail

Unverifiable Addresses

Return of Undeliverable Messages

Editing Unsent Mail

Chapter 3 - Reading, Answering, and Forwarding Mail

Reading Messages

Using the Message Organizer Menu

Reading Attachments

Reading Special Messages

Answering Mail

Forwarding Mail

Reading Forwarded Mail

Chapter 4 - Filing, Printing, and Deleting Mail

Filing Messages and Attachments

Filing Messages in a New Folder

Filing Messages in an Existing Folder

Storing Messages and Attachments in Disk Files

Printing Attachments

Managing Folders

Changing the Current Folder

Creating a Folder

Printing All the Messages in a Folder

Renaming a Folder

Deleting a Folder

Printing Messages

Deleting Messages

Filing Recommendations

Chapter 5 - Using Your Address Book

Overview of the Address Book

Sample Uses of the Address Book

Using Mail Gateway and Other Addresses

Accessing Your Address Book

Managing Your Address Book

Adding Entries

Editing Entries

Deleting Entries

Listing Entry Addresses

Using Entries in a Mail Message