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Chapter 11 - Other Services


/diskyan/nb - Banyan1/banyan/ata - AppleTalk Transfer Agent

/disk1/banyan/duptools - Banyan Duplication Tools (scripts that allow you to duplicate Banyan software releases)

/disk1/banyan/dump - Banyan Backup and Restore utility

/disk1/banyan/vt - Asynchronous Terminal Emulation service

/disk1/banyan/vcs - VINES Configuration service.

/disk1/ban Netbios Naming service.


Appletalk Transfer Agent

1. The ATA service receives the packet from the client.

2. ATA extracts the RPC from the Appletalk packet and sends the request to the VINES IP stack on the server.

3. VINES IP processes the request, and sends the response to ATA.

4. ATA encapsulates the response in an AppleTalk packet and returns the results of the RPC to the Macintosh client.

Figure 11-1. VINES ATA Service


Figure 11-2. Release Duplication Menu


Files Backed Up

Files listed in banfiles
Extended data areas, such as diskn/BFS, /diskn/STDA, and so on.

Service executables
Third-party service executables and data
UNIX files, such as those in /bin






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