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Chapter 10 - Banyan Mail Service Directories


/diskn/BMS - Contains user mailboxes.

/disk1/banyan/bms - Contains the two processes that make up the Banyan Intelligent Messaging Mail service: bms, the Banyan Mail service; and mta, the Banyan message transfer agent. These two processes are a single executable on the hard disk, with two logical links in the /disk1/banyan/bms directory.

A Short History of Intelligent Messaging


Figure 10-1. /diskn/BMS

The database for MS@TEAK@SERVERS has been cleaned.

User Mailbox Directory Structure

Figure 10-2. User Mailbox Directory Structure


Figure 10-3. Directory Structure of /diskn/BMS/@n/MS

Note: The default name of the Mail service's mailbox is MS. If you change the name of the service, the mailbox name changes accordingly.


rpt MS0.log > out


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