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Banyan Asynchronous Terminal Emulation Guide

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Asynchronous Terminal Emulation


Supported Servers

Supported Workstations

Supported Terminal Types

Supported Connections

Direct Lines

Dial-out Lines

X.25 Lines

Note: Regardless of how many virtual circuits you configure, the ATE service is limited to a maximum of 32 concurrent sessions per service on Banyan servers. (There can be only one ATE service per server). These sessions can be X.29, asynchronous, server development, or remote server console sessions, or any combination of these types of sessions.

Note: With a single X.25 line, you can establish multiple concurrent X.29 user sessions with more than one host without using a PDN. However, the X.25 line must be connected to special switching equipment that you purchase from a third party.

Server Development Connections

Remote Server Console Connections

How the ATE Option Works

Figure 1-1. Banyan ATE Option

How the Service Uses Communications Lines

How a User Initiates Connections

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