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Advanced 3270/SNA Option Guide

Chapter 1 - Advanced 3270/SNA Features

VINES System Requirements

Your VINES server must be running VINES 4.0 or a later version.
The VINES 3270/SNA Option must be installed on your server.

You need either a serial communications card, with an available line, or an IBM Token-Ring card installed in your server.

Banyan sells two models of its serial communications card. The ICAmC card is compatible with the Micro Channel® bus structure. The ICA card is compatible with the AT bus. The installation of these cards is described in the VINES Serial Communications Guide.

Banyan supports three IBM Token-Ring cards:

- IBM Token-Ring Adapter

- IBM Token-Ring Adapter II

- IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter

If your server has a serial communications card, either a synchronous modem or a null modem must be attached to the line that you plan to use for Advanced 3270/SNA.
Your VINES network must have at least one workstation from which you can run the PATCH program.

A Summary of Advanced 3270/SNA Features

Table 1-1. SNA Options and Features

Features 3270/SNA Advanced 3270/SNA
3270 Display Types 2 2, 3, 4, 5
3270 Internationalization Support (a) Included Included
3270 Keyboard remapping Yes Yes
96 LU Support on 1 - 3 services (b) Yes Yes
Color support and remapping Yes Yes
Connection Type
Token Ring (c)


File Transfer Packaged Separately Integrated
Light Pen Compatibility No Yes
Local Print Screen Yes Yes
Number of Concurrent LU Sessions 4 5
Physical Location Security (c) Yes Yes
SCS (Type 1)
3270 (Type 3)


Programming Interfaces (d) P12 P12
Sessions must use same service? Yes No
Windowing No Yes
(a) Advanced 3270/SNA includes country-specific text files.
(b) Depends on server platform and specific option purchased.
(c) VINES 4.0 is required for these features.
(d) 3270/SNA and Advanced 3270/SNA support different versions of the PI2 interface.

Five Concurrent Logical Unit Sessions

3270 Display Types

File Transfer

HLLAPI and LLAPI Support

Logical Unit Windows


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