Banyan Vines OS and Patches

Program below request a dongle excepted for version 8.5 for which you should have a valid  server code a server enabler giving you a final Server Serial Number.




Available software

Version 5.0 Version 6.0 Version 7.0 Version 8.0 Version 8.5
Vines Server 5.54.0   Vines Server 7.0 Vines Server 8.0 Vines Server 8.5
        StreetTalk for NT Server 8.5
554-10 patches 6.40 patches 7.10 patches   StreetTalk for NT Client 8.5
554-20 patches       860-1 patches
    Vines IQ 7.0 ST for NT
and Vines IQ 8.0
StreetTalk for NT IQ 8.5
        StreetTalk for Desktop 1.0
        All Banyan Documentation


Drivers for Kernel

DRV005 DRV008 DRV020 DRV023




Compaq ethernet

DRV024 DRV025 DRV027 DRV028


Mylex DAC960

Compaq SCSI

3Com drivers

DRV029 DRV031    

Megamon - HP Netraid

Compaq Lan adapter
(Replace DRV023)



VMWare packages


The objective of these VMWare packages is simply to allow you to remember the "old good time" when we were all spending hours in computer rooms to install different versions (classical Unix server, Novell, NT or HP Ux with ENS). Below versions are setup with a fixed server number. Read the manual of installation to create your own copy by using your own options and server key.


VMWare packages  ready to start
Vines Server 8.5

Uncomplete version. Still fighting to make the CD or Floppy available after reboot of the 1st installation.

Vines StreetTalk for Windows NT 8.5

Full version. Administrative password of the plastform is vvvv