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Monitoring and Optimizing Servers

Chapter 1 - Installing the Network and Systems Management Option


Note: "VNSM" refers in this manual to both the VNSM option and the Network Management option.


Note: "VINES server" refers in this manual to servers that run native VINES. In some cases, VINES servers are referred to by the native VINES version that they run, such as VINES 8.0 servers or VINES 8.6 servers.

Software Installation on VINES Servers

You have not purchased the VNSM option.
You purchased the VNSM option with your server. In this case, the option is already installed.

1. Go to the server.

2. Shut down server-based services. See Banyan Server Operations Guide for details.

3. From the Operator Menu, choose System Maintenance.

4. From the System Maintenance menu, choose Manage Software Options.

5. Choose INSTALL options.

6. Choose Install OPTION CODE Options.

7. At the prompts, enter the Option Code and the Option Enabler listed on the card that came with the option.

8. Press ESC until you return to the Manage Software Options menu. All the options on the server appear, including the VNSM option. This option appears as "Remote Network Management" on the menu.

9. Press ESC until you return to the System Maintenance menu.

10. Select Return to Operator Menu.

11. Select Restart Services from the Operator Menu.

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