Rule Server

Cycle-once processing is the ability to poll, or read in, a user's new messages and run that user's rules without opening the user's copy of BeyondMail.

In few words, this software (bmail\program\admin\bmwserv.exe) allows you from a single pc, to run all your users mailboxes. Rules like While I'm out, Autoforward, ... will run when the users is not connected to the network or when his BeyondMail mailbox is not opened.

You will dedicate a pc in your computer room. By IP Groupe we used the one already assigned to the PrismaFax. Both programs (Prisma Fax and Bmwserv.exe) can run simultaneously.

This program needs a specific patch if you are using Vines 5.54(6), for other version please contact Jean-Alain or Robert for information.

How to setup a RuleServer.

#1 Create a user named Rule Server@xxxxx@xxxxx. BeyondMail call this user "a virtual user". Give him by default the same profile with one of your user profile or Manager one.

#2 With Mlist add this Rule Server@xxxxx@xxxxx to your AdminList@<server name>@servers. This user needs to have the maximum rights, so protect it with a password !

#3 With Mlist add this Rule Server@xxxxx@xxxxx to your Bmadmins@<server name>@servers

With this operation, Rule Server will have full access to \bmail\program\admin. Never change by yourself (using Setarl) BeyondMail rights.

#4 Create a BeyondMail mailbox for your Rule Server.

#5 File, Configure, Security, Add and enter Rule Server@xxxx@xxxx to give coowner access to the mailbox. You need to do that with each user profile. That is why it very important to protect with a password your Rule Server profile otherwise, someone using Rule Server profile will be able to consult every mailbox over the network !.

#6 If your are running a 5.54(6) Vines version, you need to apply a patch to the server where your mail service is located. The patch is available on Corporate-Shared-Files@mis@IPG01, directory Patches\5525DN3. Copy to a directory on your pc or on your server, and use the following command: Pkunzip -d By using -d a directory called Fixes will be created automatically with 8 files. A version of Pkunzip.exe is available in the \patches directory.

To apply the patch, use your Manager profile, run patch.exe in the directory where was unzipped. A menu will appear, select Install patches. You should see the following sentence:

5.52(5) Site-Specific Patch 5.52(5)-VNS-DN3 Range: 5.50(0)-5.99(49).

By pressing F4, you will have some information concerning this patch. You will see that this patch needs 1 Mo, will stop your Vines services and restart them just after. That is why all your users will be disconnected after applying this patch. But you do not need to stay all night long, here below you will see how it is possible to apply this patch without to be present on your site.

Press Enter in front of the line 5.52(5) Site-Specific Patch 5.52(5)-VNS-DN3 Range: 5.50(0)-5.99(49).

a star (*) should appear.

Press then F10, a list with all our servers should appear, select your Vines server by pressing Enter in front of the name, some marvelous caracters should appear in front your server name like (Z....smp) you do not have to worry if the caracters are different.

Press then F10, you should see the following screen

<your server name> ASAP


If you press now F10, patch is going to be applied immediately and users will be disconnected few seconds later.

That is why, press F4. With this function, you will be able to enter a specific time within the current day to apply this patch. Format is HH:MM. Please make sure that the time you are going to enter is not the same as your backup. If your backup start at 23:00, you can apply the patch for 22:30 e.g.

After entering a specific time, you should have

<your server name> 22:30 e.g.

Press F10, all the files will be copied to your server, and at 22:30, your server will apply this patch. You do not need to keep your pc connected.

Press ESC to leave the patch program.

#7 Now you should be able to manage all your user mailboxes with the Rule Server. Only one little thing is now missing. On your server, in \bmail\public you should create a RSLIST.DAT. This text file is used by the RuleServer to know which users have coowner access.

Edit this file and enter all your users names separated by a carriage return


Jean-Alain Jachiet@Informatique@ipg-paris

Robert Breton@Informatique@ipg-paris

Rule Server@Mis@IPG01


For information a specific rule is available on Corporate-Shared-Files to create automatically new users, information will be provided later.

#8 If you run now BeyondMail Administrator (\bmail\program\admin\bmailadm.exe), you will see all your user's mailbox, a screen in front of the name means that your user is running Beyondmail at the moment (in green), and a rule (in yellow) is in front of each user who gave coowner access to the Rule Server (see #5).

#9 On your dedicated Pc (or the Pc running PrismaFax for those who are using it),

create locally directories c:\bmail, c:\bmail\program, c:\bmail\program\admin, c:\bmail\public

Copy all files from <server drive>\bmail\program to c:\bmail\program

Copy all files from <server drive>\bmail\program\admin to c:\bmail\program\admin

Copy all files from <server drive>\bmail\public to c:\bmail\public

Why do we do that ? Only to generate less traffic on your network.

Create a icone with the following property: c:\bmail\program\admin\bmwserv.exe

Add the following command at the end of the command line:

c:\bmail\program\admin\bmwserv.exe -D 65 -T <server drive>\bmail\public\RSLIST.DAT -E <server drive>\bmail\inbox

-D 65 means that you ask the Rule Server to check the users mailboxes every 65 seconds. If you do not add -D xx, by default the rule server will check mailbox users every 9 seconds. It does not make sence and generate traffic for nothing. Add -D xx after you check everything is running ok.

-T specifies to the rule server where you RSLIST.DAT is located.

-E specifies where your users mailboxes are located.

To have information concerning Rule Server, maximized the windows. CTRL-P (or check box) will stop the rule server. You will see all your users names, and information concerning messages they are receiving.

If your rule server is not correctly configured, a error message is displayed in a list box that you can consult when you want.

Error examples:

BeyondMail is already running on this mailbox.

Rule server runs only if the user's mailbox is closed. This is only a warning, you do not have to worry about it.

Mailbox does not support Rule Server functionnality.

You did not apply the patch (see #6)

Error: You need administrative privilege to manage user's mailbox.

You did not give coower access to the Rule Server in your mailbox. (see #5)

How to test your rule server.

Quit your BeyondMail application and from another PC send a mail to you.

The rule server will display the following information as soon as it is checking your mailbox.

Checking for new messages

Receiving one new message

If you have any rule to dispatch your mail e.g., the rule will be treated immediately.

Then the rule server is going to check the next user mailbox.

If you run BeyondMail, you will see that your message is already in the Inbox, and that your specific rule (if you had one) was treated.