Managing Rules

If you want to apply a rule, select System, Rule Folder, Import


Select the rule you want to apply immediately.


You can now select one or more users, or ALL.


Note: Rules will not be applied to user running BeyondMail at the same time.

When applying rules you will be notify


Make sure you select the right option (deleting or overwriting) !

If you are applying Rules to multiples users, Select YES TO ALL.

A log will be generated



When applying a rule to a lot of users at the same time (> 70 users), your station may display a message 'Not enough heap to proceed'. This error is coming from Windows heap. What you should do is to reboot your PC and continue the installation from the user name on which the error occured first.

This error message does not destroy what you have made before.

Otherwise, be really patient with this software.... it is very long (30 seconds per user).