How To share a Mailbox

A secretary wants to have access to her boss mailbox without login out.

On the Boss Pc:

#1 Run BeyondMail

#2 Select File, Configure

#3 Security

#4 In co-owner ADD

#5 Type the StreetTalk name of the secretary (e.g.: xxxx@xxxxx@xxxx)

#6 Press Ok, you will back to co-owner windows.

#7 Press Ok

Depending the number of messages and folders of her boss, this operation

can take several minutes.

Note: If you have setup a rule server, please include also a co-owner access to your Rule Server (see Rule Server with BeyondMail )

As soon as the operation is finished.

On the Secretary Pc:

#1 Create a second BeyondMail icone:

#2 On the command line simply type the following sentence:

<your server drive>\bmail\program\bmailw.exe -e <server drive>\bmail\inbox\yyyy

yyyy corresponds to the directoy name of her boss.

Normaly the first lettre of the first name

and the 7 first caracters of his name is assigned by BeyondMail.

Very important:

In our example, our marvelous secretary (they are always !) will have:

- Access to her boss mailbox without login out, if the boss mailbox is not running !

Otherwise she will get the following message "BeyondMail is already running on this mailbox".

- If she send a mail from her boss mailbox, in the From area will

appear her StreetTalk name and not her boss name.

We suppose it was for security reason.

If the mail is sent by the secretary from her boss mailbox, a copy of this mail

will be placed in the Boss mailbox in the sent folder ! She will never get a copy.

Very, very important:

- If you did not install the Rule Server (see Rule Server ), our secretary will only see her boss mailbox last time he opened it.

10 messages could be waiting in the pure Vines mail, but she will not see them, if the Rule Server is not setup and running.