Exporting Messages

If you need to keep messages from user A (Robert Breton) and importing them to user B mailbox (Jean-Alain Jachiet), here is the procedure.

#1 Log on as user A (Robert Breton). Go to Dos, do not use a Dos window within Windows.

#2 Go to Bmail\program directory on your server.

Then type:

Export c:\Robert.txt -u "Robert Breton@Informatique@IPG-Paris" -all -e <your Beyondmail server drive):\bmail\inbox\rbreton

This command will export all your foldersand messages, copy them to your local disk in ascii format in a file called Robert.txt. Attachement will be also added. Make sure you have the correct inbox name directory. Normaly BeyondMail is adding the first letter of the first name and then the 7 caracters of the name. If you are not sure, log on as manager, and go to Bmail\inbox\<user name> directory and see BMAILW.ini. You should see the complete StreetTalk name of the user.

To reimport this file to user B mailbox (Jean-Alain Jachiet)

#3 Log on as user B (Jean-Alain Jachiet)

Go to Bmail\program directory on your server.

Then type:

Import c:\robert.txt -u "Jean-Alain Jachiet@Informatique@IPG-Paris" -all -e <your BeyondMail server drive>:\bmail\inbox\jjachiet