Daily Management with BeyondMail

Here below the most common errors you could face when administrating BeyondMail.

from #1 to #10

#1 A user does not receive all mails

First reflex is to check with MMAIL if the user has a bmail error folder

#1 by selecting Switch Folder.

#2 with his login, running the Blue Mail (z:mail), select Manage Folders.


Manage Folders


Switch folders Create

Print Delete



1. General 118 Messages

2. Wastebasket 33 Messages

3. Bmail Error 1 Message

Use arrow keys to highlight a command and press ENTER.

Press ESC to exit this screen; F1 for HELP.


If you see Bmail Error, user probably switch of Bmail while program was processing one

message. Here is what you can do.

Select Switch to Folder, select Bmail Error. You will see in our example which mail is causing



Current Folder: General


Read Compose Manage folders

Answer Send FIle

Print FOrward Delete


1. READ Oct 22 From: Robert Breton Time to buy a sandwish !

Use arrow keys to highlight a command and press ENTER.

Press ESC to exit this screen; F1 for HELP.


You may read the mail, but better would be to (re)Forward the message to the user himself. The message is going to be Unread, and he would be able to get it into BeyondMail.

To clean everything, Delete the above message (always in Bmail Errors Folder),


Manage Mailbox



Delete Selected Messages _

+-----------------------------------------+ _


You have selected 1 message for deletion. _

Are you sure you want to delete this message? _







Use the arrow keys to highlight a choice and press ENTER. _


Then using MMAIL, Empty his mailbox and select the user name:

Manage Mail _

+------------------------------------------------------------+ _

Use arrow keys to highlight a command and press ENTER. _


CHANGE mailbox settings MANAGE a mailbox _

EMPTY a mailbox RENAME a mailbox _

MOVE a mailbox GENERATE disk usage report _




(There are 5 mailboxes on MS@IP-GROUPE01@Servers.) _


1 - WAN@MIS@IPG01 _





6 - Jean-Alain Jachiet@Informatique@IPG-Paris

Make sure before emptying the user mailbox that there is no waiting messages

(Unread) in the other folders.

#2 BeyondMail is requesting a rebuild

A user is getting this message. Normally it could happen with mails where BeyondMail has the header

(Subject) and not the body of the message (Text, Attachment).

To rebuild the mailbox, close BeyondMail, and run from Dos (or a Dos Windows)

Using User profile, go to \bmail\inbox\<username>

Type: \bmail\program\rebuild

Program is a little bit long to start (20 seconds)

You should see a rebuild like this

Inbox 10/10

Unsent 0/0

Perso 2/3

Sent 100/100

Marketing 23/23

Rebuild complete and successful.

If you do not see the same value both side, for our example BeyondMail was able to repair 2 messages

out of 3 in Perso Folder. The only to recover the message is to Restore \bmail\inbox\<user name>

directory if this mail was really important.

Notes: During a rebuild, a rebuild.log is automatically generated in the user directory. You can check it.

#3 Multiple problems with one user

Check immediately in his \bmail\inbox\<user name> directory the bmail.log.

Here below an example of error:

03-Oct-96 15:25:20 [55] log(341) Opening log file:

Program: BeyondMail(R) 2.2a for Windows VINES

Program date/time: Monday 16 October 1995 23:0, Program size: 2186096

03-Oct-96 15:25:20 [55] filread(89) Reading bytes from file:

Error 1167 on file 'H:\BMAIL\INBOX\JJACHIET\0000001f.fdr\index'

03-Oct-96 15:25:20 [55] ms_mhdr(141) Reading message header:

Error 1167

03-Oct-96 15:25:20 [55] msghg(62) Internal error 1167:

Internal error.

If you check in the Release 2.1 Intelligent Messaging Error Messages Book

1167 File I/O Error. A general file error has occurred on a disk. If it is a hard disk,

exit BeyondMail and run a disk recovery utility.

#4 User is having a sharing violation when send a mail with attachment.

This is the most common error. User create a Word document, attached it to the mail and try to

send it. Sharing violation is due to the fact that user did not close his document from Winword.

#5 User is having more than 1000 messages in one folder and is no more able to display

the folder.
Mailbox is running ok, but as soon as he would like to display one folder, he has a

GFP or Windows 95 is display a debug message.

Run bmail.exe in \bmail\program\. This is the Dos version of BeyondMail, but if you are lucky

you may be allowed to display and delete immediately some mails.

#6 User is not able to extract a attachment

See Default configuration, the drive and directory assigned by default are in read-only.

#7 A MessageBox on the screen displaying INTERNAL ERROR xxxx

Go out from BeyondMail, and run it one more time. If problem continue reboot, and do not

hesitate to run a rebuild (see #2)

#8 ERROR 163. When people are clicking on To: or F2 to display the STDA

Error 163, Unable to Access to Public Directory

This error may occured when STDA is rebuilding or if you have a lot of activities with the

STDA. The request TimeOut. Problem could happen also with heavy traffic on your server

managing the STDA.

Exit BeyondMail and (re)run it one more time. If problem is still in the air, and that a lot of users

are getting the same error, please contact Robert or Jean-Alain. We can implement some

attributes to your STDA, to prevent activities during the working hours. But before make

sure you have a normal activity (no backup / restore running, multiple Xcopy running, ...).

#9 You loose all ARL in bmail directory and all sub-directories

Run the bmailadmin.exe

Click on SYSTEM

Select Security Folder

And mark the check Box Clear Before settings new rights

Click then on Apply Rights Settings.



You have a lot of mailboxes and users having large mailboxes (over 500 messages), process

can be VERY LONG.

e.g.: 70 users representing 300 Mo of messages and attachements (6 hours !).

#10 User complaining with internet mail (attribs.bnd).

In each \bmail\inbox\<user name> you have a bmail.ini

If your user would like to send 10 attachments instead of 9 (actual limitation with Vines because BeyondMail is creating an attrib.bnd). You can add in the bmail.ini the following value:

Owner=Robert Breton@Informatique@IPG-Paris