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VINES User's Guide for Windows

Chapter 1 - Using VINES with a Windows 3.1 Client

Overview of Windows

Running Windows with VINES

Before you run Windows
From an MS-DOS window after you run Windows

Logging in and out of the network
Connecting to network drives
Using the VINES Messages application
Running VINES DOS programs in MS-DOS windows

Starting Windows

Note: When you start Windows after upgrading VINES software, a version management program prompts you to install certain VINES files in your Windows directories. Click OK, and follow the directions. For more information, refer to Chapter 2.

Figure 1-1 Program Manager Screen

Running Applications

Getting Help

Select the Help menu using the application menu bar to choose a Help category, such as Procedures or Commands.
Click the Help command button that appears in some dialog boxes.
Press F1.

Exiting Windows

Figure 1-2 Exit Windows Screen

OK to exit Windows
Cancel to return to the Program Manager

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