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Chapter 1 - Installing Banyan TCP/IP Options


Banyan TCP/IP Routing Option

Banyan TCP/IP Server-to-Server Option

Hardware Installation

Software Installation

Your Tasks as a Network Manager

Chapter 2 - TCP/IP Concepts


Internet Protocol

Addressing Packets

Decimal Dot Notation

IP Addressing

Networks, Subnetworks, and Hosts

IP Address Classes

Subnetworks and Subnetwork Masks

IP Addressing - An Example

Routing Packets

Routing Table

Fragmenting Packets

Internet Control Message Protocol

Transmission Control Protocol

User Datagram Protocol

Address Resolution

Proxy ARP

Direct Mapping

TCP/IP Options and VINES

TCP/IP Routing Option

TCP/IP Server-to-Server Option

Chapter 3 - Beginning the TCP/IP Planning Process


Knowing Your Topology

Drawing a Network Topology Diagram

Identifying TCP/IP Servers

Identifying Workstations Equipped with PC/TCP

Identifying Interfaces

Identifying IP Networks

Identifying VINES Networks

Identifying Gateways and Routes

Coordinating with Other Network Personnel

Knowing the Configuration Tasks

Evaluating a Configuration's Complexity

Chapter 4 - Planning for Managing IP Interfaces


Deciding Which Interfaces Need an IP Address

Assigning IP Addresses

Network and Subnetwork Numbers for LAN Interfaces

Address Resolution and Broadcast Address Planning

Filling Out the IP Interfaces Worksheet

Filling Out the ARP Entries Worksheet

Chapter 5 - Planning for Routing Through TCP/IP


Creating Routing Entries Automatically

Creating Routing Entries Manually

Default Gateway Planning

Default Gateways for Servers with the Routing Option

Default Gateways for Servers with the Server-to-Server Option

Planning for Managing Specific Routes

Planning for Managing Adjacent Networks

Defining Routes to Specific Hosts

Filling Out the Routing Information Worksheet

Filling Out the Adjacent Networks Worksheet

Chapter 6 - Planning for Specifying TCP/IP Servers


Required Information

Deciding Which IP Address to Assign

For Setting Up the Server-to-Server Option

For Setting Up the Routing Option

Deciding Which Encapsulation Type to Use

Planning Automatic Connectivity

When to Use Automatic Connectivity

Securing Automatic Server-to-Server Connections

Example of Specifying Servers

Filling Out the TCP/IP Server Information Worksheet

Chapter 7 - Using the TCP/IP Configuration Program


Accessing the Program

Keyboard Conventions

Chapter 8 - Managing IP Interfaces and ARP Entries



Accessing IP Interface Management Functions

Interface Management Tasks

Adding an Interface

Modifying an Interface

Deleting an Interface

Enabling and Disabling an Interface

Changing an IP Broadcast Address

Address Resolution Protocol Management Tasks

Adding an ARP Entry

Modifying an ARP Entry

Displaying System ARP Entries

Deleting an ARP Entry

Enabling and Disabling ARP

Enabling and Disabling Direct Mapping

Chapter 9 - Managing Routing Through TCP/IP



Accessing TCP/IP Routing Functions

Default Gateway Management Tasks

Specifying the Default Gateway

Changing the Default Gateway

Deleting the Default Gateway

Specific-Route Management Tasks

Adding a Route

Modifying a Route

Deleting a Route

Adjacent Network Management Tasks

Adding an Adjacent Network

Modifying an Adjacent Network

Deleting an Adjacent Network

Server Management Options for TCP/IP Routing

Enabling and Disabling Directed Broadcasts

Displaying System Routes

Chapter 10 - Managing Routing Through VINES



Accessing VINES Routing Functions

Server Management Tasks

Adding a Server Entry

Modifying a Server Entry

Deleting a Server Entry

Enabling and Disabling a Server Entry

Enabling and Disabling Automatic Connectivity

Specific-Route Configuration Tasks

Adding a Route

Modifying a Route

Deleting a Route

Monitoring Routes Through the VINES Interface

Displaying System Routes

Displaying the Status of Server Gateways

Chapter 11 - Configuring the Server-to-Server Option



Accessing Server-to-Server Functions

Server-to-Server Management Tasks

Adding a Server Entry

Modifying a Server Entry

Deleting a Server Entry

Enabling and Disabling a Server Entry

Server-to-Server Management Options

Enabling and Disabling Automatic Connectivity

Displaying the Status of Connections

Chapter 12 - Maintenance Tasks


Domain Name Settings

Host ID


Default Domain Name

Name Servers

Backing Up the Configuration File

Controlling TCP/IP

Obtaining Information on TCP/IP

Modifying the TCP/IP Configuration

Appendix A - TCP/IP Worksheets