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 Directory Mnemonic  Book Title
 3270  3270/SNA Option Guide
 3270SNA  Advanced 3270/SNA Option Guide
 ArchDef  VINES Architecture Definition
 AsyncGuide  Banyan Asynchronous Terminal Emulation Guide
 BanClient  Installing  Banyan Clients for Windows NT and Windows 95
 BanICAGd  Banyan ICA Installation Guide
 BanSvrOpGd  Banyan Server Operations Guide
 BUAG  Banyan UNIX Access Guide
 CommandRef  Banyan Command Reference
 DirSync  Banyan Directory Synchronization for Netscape
 DosOs2  User's Guide for DOS and OS/2
 EBRadmin  VINES EBR Administrator's Guide
 EBRuser  VINES EBR User's Guide
 EnterpriseAccess  Using Enterprise Access
 FrontMatter  Notice Page
 IMAdmin  Intelligent Messaging Administrator's Guide
 IMUsrGd  Intelligent Messaging User's Guide
 LDAPadmin  LDAP for StreetTalk Administrator's Guide
 LDAPAdmin35  LDAP for StreetTalk 3.5 Administrator's Guide
 LDAPinstall  LDAP for StreetTalk Installation Guide
 LDAPInstall35  LDAP for StreetTalk 3.5 Installation Guide
 MacMail  VINES Mail for Macintosh User's Guide
 MacUsrGd  VINES User's Guide for Macintosh
 ManApple  Managing AppleTalk on a VINES Network
 ManComm  Managing Communications
 ManStNTSvc  Managing StreetTalk for Windows NT Services
 ManUsrStr  Managing Users and StreetTalk
 ManVnsSec  Managing VINES Security
 ManVnsSvc  Managing VINES Services
 ManWkstat  Managing Workstations
 MonOpSvrs  Monitoring and Optimizing Servers
 NDIS  Banyan NDIS Configuration Guide
 NetWorker  Banyan Networker for Windows NT Guide
 PlnBanNtwk  Planning a Banyan Network
 ProtoDef  VINES Protocol Definition
 ReturnCodes  Banyan Return Codes
 StExplore  Introduction to StreetTalk Explorer
 STNTAdmin  StreetTalk for Windows NT Administrator's Guide
 STNTInstall  StreetTalk for Windows NT Installation Guide
 SvrAgentGd  Server Agent Guide
 SvrInstGd  VINES Server Installation Guide
 TCPIPGuide  Banyan TCP/IP Guide
 UsrGdWindows  VINES User's Guide for Windows
 Worksheets  Worksheets
 X25  VINES X.25 Guide

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