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Chapter 1 - Overview of VINES Network Concepts

What Is a VINES Network?

Main Components of a VINES Network

Local and Wide Area Network Connections

Network File and Print Services

Communications Options


Using Your Macintosh with VINES

Using the Chooser

Sharing Files and Applications

Network Security

Your System Administrator

Chapter 2 - Logging On to VINES File Volumes

About Logging On

Identifying Yourself to VINES

Your User Name

Your Password

The Banyan Network Login Screen

Logging In to the Network

Using Banyan Login

Using the Banyan Icon in the Chooser

Using a Banyan Application

Changing Your Password

If You Have Problems Confirming Your Password

Login Options

Setting Login Options

If You Have Problems Logging In

Login Error Messages

Logging Out of Your Network

When the Server Shuts Down

Chapter 3 - Using StreetTalk and STDA

About StreetTalk and STDA

Format of StreetTalk Names

StreetTalk Name Examples



StreetTalk Directory Assistance

Using STDA

Accessing the STDA Window

Choosing STDA Classes

Getting Help

Searching for Names

Selecting Names

Transferring Names

Closing the STDA Window

Chapter 4 - Sharing Files and Applications

Where Files Are Stored in the Network

Accessing Applications

Managing Files in a Mixed Environment

Rules for Naming Files

How File Icons Appear

Mapping DOS File Extensions

Sharing Files

How Folders Appear

How Directory Windows Appear

Chapter 5 - Using VINES Utilities

About VINES Utilities

Logging In to VINES

If You Have Problems Logging In

Required Password Changes

Starting VINES Utilities

Using VINES Messages

Starting VINES Messages

Setting Notification Options

Viewing Messages

Deleting Messages

Sending Messages

Using VINES Who am I?

Chapter 6 - Managing Access Rights

Overview of Access Rights

Starting the Set Access Rights Application

Viewing Macintosh Access Rights

Viewing File Volumes

Viewing Folders

Viewing Files

Using the Access Rights Menu

Getting Help

Quitting the Application

Using the Macintosh Window

Information Summary

Macintosh Access Rights

Managing the Extended List

Setting Maximum Rights

Using the Option Boxes

Undoing Your Changes

Saving Your Changes

Using the VINES Window

VINES Access Rights Definitions

Using VINES Access Rights

Previewing Changes

Setting New File Access Rights

Planning for File Security

Chapter 7 - Using Printers on the Network

Overview of Network Printing

How Network Printing Works

Selecting a VINES Print Service

Printing on a Network Printer

The Banner Page

When a Print Job Fails

Printing with MultiFinder

Using PrintMonitor

VINES Print Service Messages

Server Status Messages

Destination Status Messages

Printer Status Messages