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Chapter 1 - Starting Up and Shutting Down the Server

About This Book

Overview of Rebooting and Shutting Down a Server

Notifying Users About a Server Shutdown

To Send a Message to Users

To Shut Down and Reboot a Server

Rebooting From a Workstation

Canceling a Scheduled Reboot

To Cancel a Scheduled Reboot

Displaying the Reboot Status Log

Avoiding Conflicts Between Reboot and Patch Schedules

Server Initialization

Disk and File System Checks

Verifying the File System Type

The Service Monitor

Displaying Service Status

To Display the Status of a Service

Displaying Information About a Server's Disks and Printer Ports

To Display Information About Server Resources from a Workstation

Displaying Information About Disk Use from the Server Console

To Display Information About Server Disk Usage from the Server Console

Reboot Problems

Initialization problems

Service Monitor Problems

Chapter 2 - Shutting Down and Restarting Services


Shutting Down Services

To Shut Down Services and Leave the Server Running

Restarting Services from the Server Console

To Restart Services

Restarting VINES Files from the Server Console

Chapter 3 - Manual Backups


Types of Manual Backups

Backup Procedures

General Guidelines

Backing Up the Complete System

Incremental Backups

Configuring the Incremental Backup Range

Backing Up a Single Service

System Configuration Backups

After Completing the Backup

Confirming the Readability of Backups

To Check Backup Media for Damage

Moving a StreetTalk Group

To Move a Single StreetTalk Group to Backup Media

To Move a StreetTalk Group from Backup Media to a Server

Chapter 4 - Scheduled Backups


How Scheduled Backups Work

Types of Scheduled Backups

Scheduling Backups

To Schedule a Backup

Checking for Faulty Media When Backing Up a Server

Disabling Automatic Confirmation of a Tape Following a Scheduled Backup

Displaying the Automatic Backup Schedule

Canceling a Scheduled Backup

To Cancel a Scheduled Backup

Canceling All Scheduled Backups

To Cancel All Scheduled Backups

Chapter 5 - Viewing Backup Information


Examining the Backup Media

To List the Services on the Backup

To List All Files on the Backup

To List the Files for a Single Service on the Backup

Viewing Information About Backup/Restore Activity on the Server

Displaying the Current Backup History

Displaying the Backup/Restore Logs

Problems Encountered When Backing Up Files

Incomplete Backup

Aborted Backup

Chapter 6 - Restoring Files and Services


Preparing to Restore a Service

Configuring the Default File System View

Default File System View Settings

Restoring Objects with Similar Names

Restoring a Complete Service

To Restore All Files to a Service

Restoring Individual Files to a File Service

Restoring Files with Long or International File Names

To Restore Individual Files to a File Service

Problems Encountered When Restoring Files

Displaying the Current Restore History

To View the Current Restore History

Chapter 7 - Rebuilding Services or the System


Rebuilding a Service

Preparing to Rebuild a Service

To Rebuild a Service

Rebuilding the Complete System

Preparing to Rebuild the Complete System

To Rebuild the Complete System

Displaying the Current Rebuild History

Chapter 8 - Applying Banyan Patches


Types of Banyan Patches

Site-Specific Patch

Maintenance Patch

Preserving VINES Files Modifications

Patching Multiple Servers

Creating a Patch Directory Structure

Organizing Patch Directories

Downloading Patches from the Banyan Internet Server

Updating a Patch Utility Executable

Determining the Patch Range

Applying Patches

Patching an Existing Patch Utility Executable

Applying Patches from Diskettes

Preparing for a Patch Session

Beginning a Patch Session

To Choose Patches to Apply

Choosing a Server to Patch

To Increase the Disk Space Available for the Patch

Setting the Time and Notifying Users When You Apply the Patch

Copying Patches to the Server

To Copy File Status Information to a File

To Verify the Patch Application

Viewing the Patch Log

Setting Log Levels

To Set the Log Level

Viewing the Patch History

To View the Patch History of a Server

Viewing the Patch Status of a Server

To Find Out if a Server Is Scheduled for Patching

Canceling Pending Patches

To Cancel Scheduled Patches

Chapter 9 - Using Banyan Maintenance Patches


Obtaining Maintenance Patches

Maintenance Patch Components

Using NEWREV to Update Workstation Revisions

Understanding the Revision Level of a Banyan Server

Deciding which Components to Apply

Viewing Software Revision Levels



Directory Structure for Applying Maintenance Patches

Chapter 10 - Installing Options Using Software Codes and Installing Third-Party Services


Banyan Server Code

Banyan Option Code

Moving Server Codes Between Servers

To Move a Server Code to a Different Server

Managing Software Options

To Display Options

To Install Options

Moving Options to Another Server

Installing Third-Party Services

To Load Third-Party Software

Chapter 11 - Re-installing Banyan Server Software


Procedures for Re-installing

Re-installing Server Software

Preparing to Re-install Server Software

To Re-install Server Software

Automatically Configuring SCSI Tape Drive Controllers on PC-based Servers

Re-installing Server Software and Third-Party Services

Preparing to Re-install Server Software and Third-party Services

To Re-install Server Software

To Rebuild the Complete System

To Re-install Third-Party Software

Re-installing Software When Using Third-party Backup/Restore Programs

Preparing to Re-install Server Software

To Re-install Server Software

To Load a System Configuration Backup

To Re-install the Third-Party Backup Program

To Restore Service Data

Re-installing VINES Files from Release Media

Preparing to Re-Install VINES Files

To Re-install VINES Files from CD-ROM

To Re-install VINES Files from Tape

To Reload VINES Files from Diskettes

Duplicating Release Media

To Load a Release Image on the Server Fixed Disk from Tape or CD-ROM

To Load a Release Image on the Server Fixed Disk from Diskette

To Create New Release Media from the Image on a File System

Additional Selections

Chapter 12 - Renaming a Server


Steps Involved in Renaming a Server

Preparing to Rename a Server

Moving Services and Groups from the Server to Backup Media

To Delete Services on the Server

Re-installing System Software

To Re-install the Release Software

Renaming the Server

To Rename the Server

Restoring Server Information

To Restore Server Information After Renaming the Server

Moving StreetTalk Groups

To Move StreetTalk Groups from Tape

Restoring Services

To Create and Restore Services

Administering the Server

To Administer the Server

Chapter 13 - Tracking Server Events


Server Event Reporting

Mask Levels

Log and Event Masks

Types of Network Events

Setting Mask Levels

Setting the Mask for Multiple Servers and Events

To Set the Log Mask Level for Multiple Services

To Set the Mask Level for a Single Service

Generating Log Reports

To Generate a Log Report for Several Services

To Generate a Log Report for a Single Service

Viewing Log Reports

To Write Log Messages to a DOS File

To View the Log Report On-line

Generating Server Log Reports from the Console

To Generate a Server Log Report on a VINES Server

Chapter 14 - Additional Diagnostics


Selecting Troubleshooting Options

ICA Diagnostic Tests

To Run ICA Diagnostic Tests

Examining the Error Log

To Examine Errors Reported by the Diagnostic Tests

Error Log Contents

Automatic Service and Device Checking

System Panics

Recovering from a System Panic

Using tapedump to Copy a System Dump

Using sysdump to Copy a System Dump

Chapter 15 - Managing and Setting Time


Maintaining Consistent Time on the Network

Periodic Synchronization Reports

New Time Reports

Introducing New Time Settings to the Network

Accepting Time Settings from Another Server

Using Lists to Manage Time Updates

Managing Incoming Time Updates - Trusted Time Source Lists

Planning the Trusted Time Source List

Managing Outgoing Time Broadcasts - TimeOut Lists

Planning the TimeOut List

Preventing Servers with Fast Clocks from Sending Time Updates

Changing the Date and Time

To Change the Date and Time on a Native VINES Server

Setting the Time Zone

To Determine the Current Time Zone on a Native VINES Server

To Change the Time Zone to a Standard North American Time Zone

To Define a Custom Time Zone

Scheduling Dial-Outs to the National Time Service

Telephone Number

Retry Limit

Time Interval

To View the Existing Dial-Out Schedule

To Create a Dial-Out Schedule

To Change an Existing Dial-Out Schedule

To Cancel a Dial-Out Schedule

Chapter 16 - Operating the Server from a Remote Console


Adding a Remote Server Console Connection

To Add an Asynchronous Terminal Emulation Service

To Add a Connection to an Asynchronous Service

Defining a New Connection

To Name the Connection

To Identify the Terminal Type

Establishing a Remote Console Session

To Establish a Remote Console Connection from a Workstation

Exiting from a Remote Console Session

To End a Remote Console Session

Using the Remote Server Console

Tips and Precautions

Possible Error Messages

Chapter 17 - Managing Server Console Security

Overview of Server Console Security

Locking and Unlocking the Console

Setting or Changing the Console Password

Setting Console Password

Changing Console Password

Leaving the Console

Appendix A - Setting Read-After-Write Verification


Turning Off Read-After-Write Verification

To Turn Off Read-After-Write Verification

Appendix B - Recovering From Power Failures and Disk Overloads

Recovering from Power Failures

Power Failures with No Battery Backup

Power Failures with Battery Backup

Recovering from a Full disk1

Appendix C - Kernel Configuration Utility


Kernel Configuration Utility Main Menu

To View the Kernel Configuration Main Menu

Adding and Removing Device Drivers from the Kernel

Viewing the Current Drivers

Loading Third-Party Drivers

Configuring the Kernel

Saving the Current Kernel Configuration

To Save the Current Kernel Configuration to Diskette

Restoring the Kernel Configuration

To Restore the Kernel Configuration from Diskette

Configure General Kernel Parameters

Tunable Parameters

Configuring Thresholds

Configuring the Z-drive Threshold

Configuring the Routing Threshold

Configuring File Service SPP Timeout Period

Configure File Service Code Pages

Appendix D - Maintaining Media and Hardware


Write-Protecting Tapes

Tape Drive Compatibility Rules

Changing the Active Tape Drive

Maintaining Tape Drives

1/4-inch Tape Drives

8mm Tape Drives

Appendix E - Installing Options Using Keys


Banyan Server Key

Banyan Option Key

Preventing Server or Option Key Corruption

Failing the Checksum Test

Moving Server Keys Between Servers

To Move a Server Key to a Different Server

Managing Software Options

To Display Option Key Contents

To Install Options from an Option Key

Moving Options to Another Server

Appendix F - Insufficient Disk Space in the Root Directory Prevents the Server from Booting


UNIX Access

Rebooting a Server That Has Insufficient Root Space

Reducing the Size of the Kernel