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Intended Audience

Chapter 1 - Installing the Banyan Client for Windows NT

System Requirements

To Install the Client Software

Removing Banyan Client Software

To Remove Banyan Client Software

Chapter 2 - Configuring the Banyan Client for Windows NT

Changing the Client's Network Protocol

To Change the Network Protocol

Selecting Preferred IP Routing Servers

To Specify Preferred IP Routing Servers

Configuring the Client's Communications Settings

To Configure the Communications Settings

Changing Advanced Communications Options

To Change Advanced Communications Options

Preventing User Access to Network Communications Advanced Options

Configuring Login Options

Setting Up Common Login

To Configure Login Options

Using AutoAdmin Login with Windows NT 3.51

Enabling Communication with Distributed WinSock Applications

To Enable WinSock Communication

Connecting to Specific Revisions of VINES Files

To Connect to Specific VINES Files Revisions

Changing the Client's Language

To Change the Client's Language

Chapter 3 - Installing the Banyan Client for Windows 95

Installation Summary

System Requirements

Installation Prerequisites

Checking Your Workstation's LAN Card Settings

Installing the Banyan Client

To Install the Banyan Client

Installing the Banyan Client and Windows 95 from the Network

Preparing for a Combined Installation from the Network

Installing Windows 95 and the Banyan Client Software from the Network

Upgrading the Banyan Client with NEWREV


Chapter 4 - Configuring the Banyan Client for Windows 95

Setting Up User Logins

Setting Up Common Login

Common Login Restrictions

Post Login Command

Using Automatic Login

Setting a Timeout for the Login Status Box

Specifying Login Group Lists

Setting Up System Policies

Configuring VINES Files Options

Mapping VINES Files

Changing the Hop Count

Configuring VCONFIG.DAT

Supporting 16-bit Banyan Applications

To Load or Unload BANSVC.COM

To Change the BANV Interrupt

Selecting the Network Protocol

To Select the Network Protocol

Configuring the Network Adapter

To Specify a Network Adapter

Specifying Preferred IP Routing Servers

To Specify Preferred IP Routing Servers

Configuring Communications Settings

To Set the Communications Heap Size

Enabling Source Level Routing

Changing the Routing Metric

Chapter 5 - Providing Server Support for the Windows 95 Client

Win32 Client Files Installation Overview


Installation Methods

Installing the Win32 Z: Drive on VINES Servers

To Apply the Win32 Z Drive Patch

Verifying that the Patch Applied Successfully

Installing the Win32 Z Drive on StreetTalk for Windows NT Servers

To Upgrade Existing Win32 Z: Drive Files

To Install Win32 Z: Drive Files on a New Server


Applying the Kernel Patch

To Apply the Patch

Chapter 6 - Configuring Server Support for Banyan IP Clients

Network Requirements for IP Support

Creating Server-to-Server Connections from an IP Routing Server

Configuring Servers for IP Support

Changing the Size of the SPP/IPC Reliable Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU)

Enabling LAN IP

Specifying the Encapsulation Type

Disabling VINES IP