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Chapter 5 - Banyan File Service Directories


The /disk1/banyan/bfs directory contains the Banyan File service executable and all its support files.
The /diskn/BFS directories contain data directories for the VINES File service (drive Z), for all user-added file services, and for the VFS service itself.
The /disk1/banyan/afp directory contains files that enable users to access files and folder from a Macintosh workstation.



On disk1 only, the directory /disk1/BFS/VINESFiles. This directory contains data files used by the VINES Files service (drive Z on a DOS or Windows workstation).
A directory called /diskn/BFS/servicename for every file service that is added to a server. These directories contain programs and data stored by users.
A directory called /diskn/BFS/VFS on each logical drive that contains one or more /diskn/BFS/servicename directories. The File service uses the files in this directory to maintain the servicename directories on that drive.

Figure 5-1. /disk1/BFS Directory Structure

Note: In this directory, UNIX operations, such as ls, might take days to complete, depending on the size of the system.

StreetTalk Mapping Files


vfsck files


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