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Chapter 1 - Introduction to the VINES Network Operating System

What Is VINES?

System Software Features

Workstation Software Features

Managing VINES

VINES Hardware Support

Chapter 2 - OSI Communications Protocol Architecture


ISO Reference Model

OSI Model

Network-dependent Layers

Application-oriented Layers

Transport Layer

How Information Travels Through the OSI Model

How VINES Compares to the OSI Model

Chapter 3 - VINES Protocol Layers

VINES and the Physical Layer

VINES and the Data Link Layer

Data Link Sublayers

VINES LLC Sublayer

VINES MAC Sublayer

VINES Source-level Routing


VINES and the Network Layer

VINES Internet Protocol (VINES IP)

VINES Routing Update Protocol (VINES RTP)

VINES Address Resolution Protocol (VINES ARP)

VINES Internet Control Protocol (VINES ICP)

VINES Packets

Support for Non-VINES Network Layer Protocols

VINES Support for X.25 Protocols

VINES Support for DARPA IP Protocols

VINES Support for IPX Protocols

VINES Support for AppleTalk Protocols

VINES and the Transport Layer

Sockets and Ports



Support for Non-VINES Transport Layer Protocols

VINES Support for AppleTalk Transport Layer Protocols

VINES and the Session and Presentation Layers

Overview of Remote Procedure Calls

Overview of NetRPC

Non-VINES Session and Presentation Protocols

VINES and the Application Layer

Chapter 4 - VINES Base Services


VINES Client/Service Computing

Macintosh Client/Server Interaction

Managing VINES Services

Developing VINES Services

VINES Service Descriptions

Backup and Recovery Service

File Services

Netbios Emulation Service

Print Service

Remote Program Load (RPL)

Semaphore Service

Server Service

StreetTalk Service

StreetTalk Directory Assistance (STDA)

VINES Network Management and System Management (VNSM)

VINES Security Service

Chapter 5 - VINES Optional Services

VINES Optional Service Descriptions



Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE)

Intelligent Messaging

Macintosh Options

PC Dial-in

Server-to-Server Wide Area Network (SS/WAN)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Gateway

Simple Network Managment Protocol (SNMP) Agent

T1 Server-to-Server Option

TCP/IP Routing Option

TCP/IP Server-to-Server Option

Token-Ring Bridge Option

X.25 Option

X.29 Option