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Chapter 1 - Advanced 3270/SNA Features

VINES System Requirements

A Summary of Advanced 3270/SNA Features

Five Concurrent Logical Unit Sessions

3270 Display Types

File Transfer

HLLAPI and LLAPI Support

Logical Unit Windows

Chapter 2 - Workstation Configuration

Guidelines for Using ACONFIG


Online Help

Selecting Menu Options

Configuring a Display LU

Edit Device Table Screen

Device Workstation Parameters Screen

Device Workstation Parameters (DISPLAY)

Device Display Attributes

Setting Workstation Control Parameters

Setting I/O Control Parameters

Configuration Information

Entering Translation Table Names

Saving Your Configuration

Running Advanced 3270/SNA Software

Running Resident DOS Programs

Releasing Advanced 3270/SNA From Memory

The Emulation Screen Status Line

On-Line Status

Connection Status

Keyboard Status

Printer Status

Character Mode

Current LU Status

Status Messages

Chapter 3 - LU Windows

Running LU Windows

The Active Window

Controlling LU Windows

Chapter 4 - The Keyboard

Configuring the Keyboard

Notation on the Edit 3270 Keys Screen

Reassigning a 3270 Key

Reassigning Workstation Keys

Making Key Assignments

Edit Hotkey Mapping

Using the Keyboard

Host-dependent Keys

Character Sets

Notes on 101/102 Key Keyboards

Workstation Keys

Color Function Keys

Color Selection Indicator

Highlighting Function Keys

Reverse Video Key

Blink Character Key

Underline Character Key

Highlight Selection Indicator

Status Line Examples

Example 1: BO YI

Example 2: R BI

Example 3: I GO

Chapter 5 - Printing

Printer Parameters

Configuring a Printer

Printer Operations

Local Copy Printing

Host Printing

Printer Redirection

Printer Redirection File Names

Printing a Redirection File from Disk

Chapter 6 - Transferring Files

Requirements for Transferring Files

Procedure for Transferring Files

File Transfer Command Syntax

Sending Files to a CICS Host

Receiving Files From a CICS Host

Sending Files to a VM/CMS Host

Receiving Files From a VM/CMS Host

Sending Files to an MVS/TSO Host

Receiving Files from an MVS/TSO Host

Required File Transfer Command Parameters

Command Line Switches

Command Line Options

File Transfer with CICS

CICS File Storage

SNA_SND and Null Records

SNA_RCV and Null Characters

Command Options for CICS

Examples of CICS File Transfers

File Transfer with VM/CMS

Command Options for VM/CMS

Examples of VM/CMS File Transfers

File Transfer with MVS/TSO

Command Options for MVS/TSO

Examples of MVS/TSO File Transfers

Interrupting File Transfer

Chapter 7 - Application Programming Interfaces



Installing LLAPI

LLAPI Application Startup

Runtime Option

LLAPI Supported Calls

LLAPI Error Messages



Installing HLLAPI

HLLAPI Application Startup

Session Short Names

HLLAPI Error Messages

HLLAPI Supported Calls

Programming Considerations


Storage Manager Calls (Function 17)

Customizing HLLAPI SendKey

A Long Example

Unsupported Keyboard Mnemonics

Unloading APIs from Memory

Appendix A - Internationalization



Modifying the ASCII-to-EBCDIC Table


How to Edit a BLDTABLE Input File

Input File Format

Input File Editing Procedure

Program Messages

Running GENX

Creating Customized GENX Files

Appendix B - Error Messages

Corrective Actions for Numbered Messages

Numbered Messages

Unnumbered Messages

Appendix C - Installing the Advanced 3270/SNA Option



Installing Advanced 3270/SNA

Procedure for Installing the Option Key Software

Procedure for Installing Diskettes

Installation for International Locations

Appendix D - HLLAPI Trace Utility

HLLAPI Trace Files






Loading the HLLAPI Trace Utility

Technical Notes

HLLAPI Trace Programming Interface

Function 0 - Enable Tracing

Function 1 - Disable Tracing

Function 2 - Unload